Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome to McDonald's!
Can I take your order please?
An Inside Look At A Shift
Behind The Company Counter

A member of our web research team found an excellent webpage written by an employee who worked for McDonalds. Rather than ramble on about it, we simply encourage you to take a look. The page is a good read and is linked below.

Welcome To McDonald's, May I Take Your Order Please?

Friday, February 23, 2007

McDonalds is bringing back
the Shamrock Shakes

We received a rambling email message today from one of our correspondants - which is shown below:

I have an inside source that is telling me that Mc Donalds is bring back the Shamrock Shakes. Nothing confirmed yet, but I found this page -

called corporate office - they CONFIRMED - not in all locations yet
but "up north" they are available - this is a hot item - stop the presses

More info as it comes in

The Red Onion

Short reminder to you all to remember to always buy a red onion every time you hit the grocery store. Red onions truly are excellent with almost everything. Our staff favorites are: on pizza, salads, burgers and soups. You get a lot of flavor for under a buck with the red onion.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sci-Fi Channel Show Features
Beast Who Must Feast
On Liposuction Leftovers

A fairly new show on the Sci-Fi Channel called "Special Unit 2" recently ran an episode that was an interesting show about a monster that grew out of human liposuction operations waste. Once the monster established itself it craved human for chow - specifically their fatty tissues. Thus making those of the largess its favorite meal. little creepy - sends a little shiver down every one who is of the pride.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Fat Pride Times
Has Gone Global

The Fat Pride Times describes itself as an international thinktank, and we have the web statistics in to document this. We have been mocked regarding this statement and are pleased to have the documentation to show this. The list below reads across as: Site Visitor Country - Unique Hits - Percent of total unique hits.

United States -- 5645 -- 85.79%

Canada -- 201 -- 3.05%

Greece -- 157 -- 2.39%

New Zealand -- 142 -- 2.16%

United Kingdom -- 131 -- 1.99%

Australia -- 44 -- 0.67%

France -- 19 -- 0.29%

Netherlands -- 19 -- 0.29%

Italy -- 17 -- 0.26%

Germany -- 16 -- 0.24%

Argentina -- 14 -- 0.21%

Spain -- 13 -- 0.20%

India -- 12 -- 0.18%

Mexico -- 9 -- 0.14%

Turkey -- 8 -- 0.12%

Belgium -- 8 -- 0.12%

Denmark -- 8 -- 0.12%

Singapore -- 8 -- 0.12%

Sweden -- 7 -- 0.11%

Ireland -- 7 -- 0.11%

Korea, Republic of -- 7 --0.11%

Thailand -- 7 -- 0.11%

Japan -- 6 -- 0.09%

Philippines -- 6 -- 0.09%

South Africa -- 6 -- 0.09%

Portugal -- 5 -- 0.08%

Norway -- 5 -- 0.08%

Brazil -- 5 -- 0.08%

Egypt -- 1 -- 0.02%

Unknown -- 1 -- 0.02%

Venezuela -- 1 -- 0.02%

Colombia -- 1 -- 0.02%

Poland -- 1 -- 0.02%

Satellite Provider -- 1 -- 0.02%

Czech Republic -- 1 -- 0.02%

Maldives -- 1 -- 0.02%

Cote D'Ivoire -- 1 -- 0.02%

Iran, Islamic Republic of -- 1 -- 0.02%

Croatia -- 1 -- 0.02%

Austria -- 1 -- 0.02%

Panama -- 1 -- 0.02%

Cyprus -- 1 -- 0.02%

Iceland -- 1 -- 0.02%

Bermuda -- 1 -- 0.02%

Indonesia -- 1 -- 0.02%

Pakistan -- 1 -- 0.02%

Thursday, February 15, 2007

What Is This Food?
The Answer Post

We had some good guesses, however proper spelling counted and we did not have a true winner. Pictured is "Collard Greens with Back Bacon". Collard Greens by themselves are a very healthy vitamin rich foodstuff, something we would not discuss in this forum. However, the addition of Back Bacon which has more white fat than any other cut of pork makes it a Fat Pride Times Favorite. There will be another mystery dish photo posted in the next few days - please drop by again.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Foodstuff Finances:
Pork Futures Post Huge Gains

We have received word from our financial advisors that this week general pork prices are at a five-month high and frozen pork belly futures have reached a 2 1/2-year high. The stats: February Hogs closed 77 points up at 67.05 cents a pound. February Bellies came in at 104.50 cents - up 172 points.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Food Music:
Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese
From "Ween"

The staff here has a passion for any music that relates to food and eating. Even though this song is from 1999, we just recently were turned on to it by one of our Oregon correspondants. The lyrics ramble on about guava fruit, kaiser rolls, pork rolls, eggs and cheese - all items that we endorse. Check out the album with this song - it is titled "The Pod".

Friday, February 09, 2007

February's Featured Foodstuff:
Pickled Ginger

While Ginger Root is served and used in many ways, our staff voted that 'Pickled Ginger Slivers' is the best of the lot. Pickled Ginger is also served in thin small slices, but the slivered type is our preferred pick. People often get the two types confused so we have posted the photos you see above to help our viewers make the right choice. Slivered Pickled Ginger goes well with salads, rice dishes, chicken and especially on beef. Fair warning: this stuff commands a fairly high price. Your best bet economically is to purchase it from a Japanese Market.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Foodstuff Photo Fun!
Can You Identify This Meal?

Our recent staff meeting was very productive and one of the new ideas is to run a series of foodstuff photos and let our visitors try to identify them. Please participate by using the comments link below - no registration or bs required. The answer will be revealed one week from this posting - on February 15th. Check back as we may post clues if no one is getting it correct.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

One-Week Hiatus Has Ended
Staff Back On Shift

After some stressful nights here 500 feet under the earth;s crust in the Fat Pride Times Kitchen it was decided by the Board of Directors that the entire staff needed a hiatus if we were gonna keep functioning. All staff members were given 2-packs of nice steaks and the suprise notice last Sunday. The nice steaks above are not the ones given out - but are strikingly similar. We seriously encourage barbequing meat to relief tension and stress in one's life.