Friday, October 19, 2007

Pringles Roundtable Discussion

We at the FPT believe in the roundtable type of discussion. The topic for this discussion was Pringles & their new flavors. Unfortunately, only 2 people made it to the session. Three if you count Leanne the administrative assistant who took the notes.

TomSawyer: i just bought some pringles selects
TomSawyer: parmasian
TomSawyer: $2 dollar a bag at the $1 store
TomSawyer: i have just opened the bag
TomSawyer: interesting aroma
TomSawyer: give is a little shack
TomSawyer: shake, i mean
TomSawyer: not entirely a pleasant smell, with a hint of cheese perhaps
TomSawyer: somewhat stale, but the expiration says 7-2008
TomSawyer: now for the taste test
TomSawyer: crunchy is my first impression, about 1/3 the size but maybe 2x to 3x the thickness of a normal pringle
TomSawyer: a little greasier as well, leaving behind a powdered residue of what i imagine to be parmesian cheese, which is listed as an actual ingredient on the label
TomSawyer: they're a little bland, perhaps could have used more salt
Sawyer: a common complaint of mine - pringles without high salt content are very tasteless
TomSawyer: the other variety they had was cinnamon
FP: i have cheesy onion dip flavor
FP: must be test marketing
TomSawyer: prolly taste better with a high sugar and cinnamon content
TomSawyer: i would not recommend these chips
Sawyer: they may be better with a dip, but really they're too small for effective dipping
FP: i use the curve like a spoon
TomSawyer: these aren't even that curved really
TomSawyer: these are "pringles select"
FP: hmm
FP: mine are 'exclusive'
TomSawyer: come in a bag
FP: whaaaaaaaaa
TomSawyer: 5.5 oz bag
TomSawyer: "A unique taste escape"
TomSawyer: "like a parmesan cheese wheel rolling through a garlic patch"
TomSawyer: that must be what that nasty smell is --: garlic
TomSawyer: they should put that on the front so people don't throw up
TomSawyer: 6 servings, 140 calories per
TomSawyer: calories from fat 80 per serving
TomSawyer: 0g trans fat apparently
TomSawyer: oh it does say garlic on the front real small
FP: jesus
FP: check your ingredients at end
FP: mine says contains fish
FP: talapia
FP: and nile pike

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The New Red Baron
Microwave Panini Sandwiches

Ok, we found these guys on sale for 2.00 a sandwich so we decided to sample it. The staff here has tried Red Baron pizza resulting in a good/not good debate - but the price sucked us in.

What can be said, these microwave toasted sandwiches beat the other popular brands out there (Stouffer etc..). They have better varieties, better priced even when not on sale and most important they taste the best. We suggest purchasing one or more asap.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Reader Reveals Promo Code:
Free Medium Domino's Pizza

One of our regular readers and powersquatting cronies has let us in on an amazing deal from Domino's Pizza if you order online. Simply enetr the promo code 'CLICK' and you will get one free medium pizza - no bs. You may have to pick-up, depending on service in your area. Free pizza friday and hopefully longer.

Coolest Sandwiches Ever!
Must See Photos

What you see above is plain bread - what you will see via this link is not of the same universe.

One of our correspondants turned us on too what is easily a photo gallery with "the coolest looking sandwiches ever made. Click below and enjoy the sandwich show and thanks to our reader who pointed us to them!


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

How To Make Coca Cola Chicken Wings
Video Demo Shows All!

Reggie down in our content developemnt department earned some bonus points today as he has found us a video of howq to prepare Coke flavored chicken wings, watch as the chef adds about 2/3 a can to a saute pan of wings - other spices are incorporated as well. Must be watched to understand. We have just added it to Thursday's afternoon test cook-off schedule. Our compliments to both the chef and the filmaker. Well done.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Chicken Of The Sea:
Alaskan Pink Salmon Pouches

Our staff came across this by happenstance the other day and we decided to give it a trial. It was on sale for an amazing 1.00 - regular price of 2.00 and some change. This stuff is not bad at all - was actually expecting it to be nasty but we were pleasantly suprised of the quality. It can be used about 1000 ways as well.

The one thing that we found interesting is that this is salmon caught in Alaska, then packaged in Thailand, then distibuted out of San Diego. This fish does some serious globe-trekking.