Monday, May 26, 2008

Frodo in Florida's Steak Grilling Slideshow

Steak. Proper cuts. Professionall preperation and presentation.
Nuff said.

Sorting Thru The 5 Dollar Sub Sandwiches Specials: Arby's, Quizno's & Subway

Subway's 5 dollar sub special has started a sandwich battle among 3 players now. Currently, Quiznos has the limited choice 5 dollar regular sub special going, and Arby's now is offering 2 of their regular toasted subs for 5.00 - we have not seen the size of these but we assume they are probably equal to one regular sub from Quiznos or Subway.
The all sub 5 dollar special is over at Subway. However, they have now made these 8 footlongs permanently all 5 dollar subs: Spicy Italian, Cold Cut Trio, Tuna, Bacon Lettuce Tomato, Black Forest Ham, Meatball, Veggie Delite, & Oven Roasted Chicken.

More sub news to follow as it comes in to us.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quiznos 5 Dollar Subs: The Fine Print

Our team finally emerged from the test kitchens to visit Quizno's and get in on the five buck sub special that everyone has been talking about. Upon arriving at our local Quiznos we found the window ads and the menu regarding what was on the five dollar plan and what was not. Subway's special applies most of their menu, only one section was not included we believe.

After sorting thru the fine print, the real five dollar deal at Quiznos is extremely limited and only applies to one section of their menu called the "Deli Favorite Subs". These are basically boring standard sandwiches that have no frills or tasty sauces. The four in this category are: Turkey & Cheddar, Ham & Swiss, Beef & Cheddar and a Tuna Melt. The only extras/toppings the menu states are cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. All boring and uninspired.

When I go to a sandwich shop it is to get something out of the ordinary - like toasted chicken subs with bacon and chipotle sauce. Subway understood this and their five dollar deal is WAY more expansive in choices.

The actual deal at Quiznos should be called the 5-7-9 deal, as that is how they break it down once they get you inside the shop. Boring lame subs are 5 bucks, decent real subs (like chicken with bacon) are 7 bucks and the specialty subs (like prime rib) are 9 dollars.

The person who came in while we were ordering our 7 dolar subs was obviously having trouble figuring out what the 5 dollar deal was about. We watched him scan the menu, then the ad signs, and back to the menu. As soon as he realized the five dollar deal was really a 5-7-9 deal, he turned around and walked out. Even though the subs we got were very tasty, perhaps we should have done the same.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Asian Sensations Frozen Eggrolls

The first of the new foodstuffs the team sampled yesterday was the Asian Sensations brand frozen eggrolls. These come with 4 eggrolls which are individually wrapped. We found them a chore to microwave just right - you need to turn them over and back as you heat them.

Tastewise these are adequate - expectations were not that high to begin with for a deep fried frozen microwave thing. Our team found that they really need a sauce for dipping - so if you get these make sure you got your favorite dippins.

Our team found the brand name to be sort of risque as it sounds like an asian adult movie. Also interesting is that on the front of box is an ad for a contest to win a concert with Julie Roberts. Who?

Monday, May 19, 2008

New - Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Crackers

Our west coast drifter correspondant took the time to send us this nice picture of a new offering from Kraft Foods - Macaroni & Cheese Crackers.

However, he sent us no info on the quality of this unique item. So we are seeking input from any readers who have eaten these. Our staff cannot find them in the local area as of yet.

Very bold offering from Kraft - will it go away like so many of the new flavors trend in brand name foodstuffs? On the other hand, perhaps this will become a mainstay in the snacking arena.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

McDonalds Free New Chicken Day!
New Southern Style Chicken
Giveaway Day May 15th
(with beverage purchase)

Be prepared people on March 15th to take advantage of a free chicken sandwich from McDonald's. They are rolling out a new 'Southern Style' breaded filet - some say it will be similar to the 'Chick-A-Fil' brand.

You can get a free breakfast sandwich in the am and a free regular sandwich after breakfast up until 7 pm. There is that have to buy a beverage catch - which prolly covers their rears on the cost and maybe then some.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shelton's Brand Turkeys Do Not Use Drugs!

Respect to Shelton's brand turkey for keeping their birds substance abuse free. Makes one wonder where how other brand birds are getting their drugs and what they are using.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

5 Dollar Subs at Quizno's? Is It Rumor or Truth?

We heard a rumor that Quizno's is taking over the 5 buck sub special now that Subway has dropped it. This is not verified yet and any info would be appreciated.

Cheese Bender Is Called Off We Are Back Posting Again

Please excuse the lack of activity the past few weeks, we received 3 boxes of sample cheeses and went on a cheese bender. We encourage the consumption of fine cheeses, but do not be like us and just shut down your lives and simply eat cheese until there is no more. New posts soon to follow.