Sunday, April 12, 2009

The McDonald's "All-In-One Burger Bowl" - From Pomona, California

Some creative guys from Pomona, California show how to combine all your favorite McDonald's items into one big portion in the video above. They describe it as: "Famous bowls more over! You want all your favorite "Mc" foods all in one bowl to-go? Your wait is over because it's finally here!"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Carl's Jr. "Chili Dogs" Historical Tribute To It's Beginnings

Carl’s Jr. is celebrating more than 65 years in the quick-service industry. What began as a lone hot dog cart in Los Angeles, California in 1941 is today an international organization that employs nearly 30,000 people worldwide. True classics never go out of style. So, for a limited time, young hungry guys across the West can head to Carl’s Jr.® and enjoy one of the menu items the company was founded on – the Chili Dog. The history of Chili Dogs at Carl’s Jr. dates back to 1941 when founder Carl N. Karcher and his wife Margaret opened their first restaurant enterprise - a hot dog cart at the corner of Florence and Central in Los Angeles. They originally sold hot dogs and chili dogs, and they were an instant success, remaining on the menu at Carl's Jr. restaurants well into the 1990s. "Everyone knows you can get a great burger at Carl's Jr. today, but not everyone knows that our founder Carl Karcher’s first menu items 68 years ago were hot dogs and chili dogs," said Brad Haley, executive vice president of marketing at Carl’s Jr. "We’ve had great success in recent years with Chili Cheeseburgers and Chili Cheese Fries, so it made sense to give another all-American standard a try, especially since Chili Dogs have a nostalgic meaning for us. This time around, we brought in Farmer John® hot dogs, of 'Dodger Dog' fame, and topped them with spicy beef chili, mustard and chopped onions, dubbing the resulting creations, 'Jumbo Chili Dogs.’" Originally sold at Carl Karcher’s hot dog cart for .20, the Jumbo Chili Dogs of today remain true to his vision of selling good food at a fair price and are available at 2 for $3 at participating locations.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fast Food Frenzy - LIVE - From Our Las Vegas Correspondant Blak2oof

Our Las Vegas correspondant went out today on a fast food feeding run and we are posting his pics LIVE as they happen.

Mickey's Beer Cap Puzzles Collection (work under progress - but WOW)

Heather, one of our readers has sent us a great photo of her ongoing project. Actually, its more 'Art' than a project. Heather is in the process of collecting all of the Mickey's puzzle caps - and there will be updates on this as it grows. If any of our other readers have any info regarding how many puzzles that have been 'capped', please email the FPT so we can help her along. OCTOBER 2009 UPDATE: Our team has launched a new site with symbol by symbol answers for the Mickey's beer cap puzzle collection. There will be new cap answers posted daily until we get the whole known collection up.

We are looking for photo submissions of caps if anyone can help us with that. If you have a specific cap you are trying to solve, please email us with the link found in the right column of this page. We will solve it and post it ASAP.

Mickey's Beer Caps Answer Board

Friday, April 03, 2009

Black Jewell Premium Microwave-Popcorn

Wow! The staff here loved this brand of microwave popcorn. It is 'black corn' that pops white (we need more research on black corn). Taste is top of the line - best microwave popcorn anyone here could remember. It is expensive, we got it on sale, however it was priced at 4.99 for a box of 3 bags to start. The box makes some bold statements - but they hold up.

Gatorade 2 Pomegranate/Blueberry - Yes, It Turns "It" Green

Wanted to let our readers know that the new Gatorade 2, specifically the new blueberry & pomegranate flavors will indeed turn your stool a yellow neon green. One of our staffers learned this after quaffing 2 of them during a dinner party. This apparently takes a night to do it's work - but please be prepared for results.