Sunday, June 22, 2008

Free Tacos Day At Jack In The Box June 26th - With Gas Receipt

Etathed, one of our regular correspondants passed on this info on free tacos from Jack on June 26th, 2008. Jack is trying to help us all ease the pain at the gas station right now by offering 2 free tacos to anyone with a recepit from a gasoline purchase. As Mr. Jack says "It's getting more expensive to fill your gas tank, so Jack In The Box is giving you a little help with filling your stomach".

Be prepared for massive crowds like the one pictured above.
For detailed info and video message from Jack himself visit link below:

2 Free Tacos From Jack

Saturday, June 21, 2008

North Carolina is Birthplace to World's Heaviest Born Twins

The stork had a big job to do recently. Ray, who is working the phones tonight just got a call from one of our contributors with some heavy duty news. Apparently a North Carolina couple are the proud parents of the world's heaviest at birth twins. At this time we know the combined weight of the two is 23 pounds - but we are waiting for the individual weights of the newborns.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

FPT Staff Doritos Favorite: Salsa Verde

The staff here at the FPT wanted to publish our favorite Doritos flavor since we were quick to mention how we did not care much for 'The Quest' flavor.

Salsa Verde (Green Salsa) has been around for a few years and its a great chip. It is spicy - but not too much heat to kill the subtle green salsa flavor. The FPT is proud to endorse this fine chip bag.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Doritos Quest Flavor Guess Was Incorrect The Quest Website Is Snack Fun!

OK, well just after our so-so review on the new Doritos 'Quest' chips our IT staff wandered on to the website to what all the hype was about. They immedialtely sent out an organization wide email encouraging us all to see this thing for ourselves.

This website, and this whole Chip Quest deal is actually pretty entertaining and the production values on the webpage are outstanding. They do help you guess the true flavor and you will be suprised - very suprised when you hit it correct. Knowing the flavor seems to somehow make the chips taste better in some weird fat pride way.

Get on over and see this:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Doritos Mystery "Quest" Flavor Bag CAUTION FLAVOR REVEALED BELOW

Our staff got their hands on the new Doritos mystery flavor called 'Quest'. Comes in a black colored bag with fire and 'hulk' green lettering. Before we reveal the flavor, we must report that we were not impressed with these chips. On a scale of 1-10 our staff gives these a 6 rating.

The flavor is lime - with a hint of something else which we think is cilantro.

According to the bag, guessing the flavor is just the beginning and you can go on some sort of adventures on their website. Weot had time to check that out but when we do a report will be posted.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Pringles Can Inventor Passes Away & His Ashes Are In A Pringles Tube - Per His Written Request

Fredric J. Baur, the ma who invented the now classic Pringles can, passed away last month. The FPT staff honors him for his contribution to snack containers. However, his contribution will not be forgotten as he requested his ashes be put in a Pringles can and be buried in it.

His son made sure his wishes were respected.