Thursday, September 23, 2010

KFC's Double Down - The Bunless Sandwich - Gets College Buns!

Remember the unique KFC chicken sandwich where there are no bread buns - it is bacon and cheese with two pieces of chicken as the acting buns -- the Double Down?

The KFC marketing department has found a very unique way to promote this sandwich involving recruiting females on college campuses. Paid 500.00 a day - the young women will wear pants with the Double Down logo upon their buttocks and hand out coupons to fellow students.

Hopefully, one of our reader's can get us some mobi media to post here!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Northwest Sighting of Oddly Green Jack's Links Jerky Bags

We can now confirm with our veteran mobi reporter B2 that a sighting of what appears to be tainted in some fashion Jack's Links Jerky bags. Franklin went out on a field mission and spotted 2 bags on the rack in this condition - being they were jalapeno flavor - he looked at other bags of the same flavor. All others appeared to be of the quality we love from Jack's Links. Expiration dates checked out on weird bags - perhaps its those little 'preservative pouches' popping open?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Veteran FPT Mobi Reporter Finds "Funky" Jack's Links Jerky Bag

Our honorable man in Las Vegas Mr.B2 - spotted what he says was a "green tinge" upon the contents of the bag of Jack's Links Jerky in the photo above. Upon receiving this casual report from him, we realized that we have seen Jack's Links on-sale ATM at really low prices - 2/6.00 - in our area. That is like 50% off normal price. We are going to send Franklin to the store with said sale - mobi media device equipped - and see what the funk is up. Perhaps nothing - also if you have seen or had a similar experience, please share it with us.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jamba Juice - Buy One Get One Free Coupon & Street Sign Dancer Mobi Media

Medfor Mel sent us a heads-up that Jamba Juice is doing a BOGO deal on their website right now.

Thanks to Mel for the info and Yancy for the video. Click Here For Coupon

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Huarache Loco - Mobi Report from West Virginia Hill Areas

Regular reporter Etathed checked in with this news of a new establishment in his hill areas of West Virginia:

"Just visited a new Mexican Restaurant here in the hills of West Virginia, it is called Huarache Loco. I have no idea what that means but their food is a damn good deal. My meal was 2 steak tacos which come with beans and rice, as well as chips and salsa, I added a side of the dippin cheese with this order. Also atached is a picture of the menu I was givin to take home. I am pretty sure that guy on the menu is wasted as his eyes are all wonky."

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Media Misleads - Fat Pride News Byline: Whale Woman Gets Harpooned

The media is running wild with the true story of a woman who was accidently harpooned by a diver while she swam in Budva, Montenegro. Terms being thrown around are "Thar she Bl-ows", "Roly Poly", and eben "Whale Woman".

The FPT team stayed up late tonight and engaged in some truth-seeking internet scouring. Many of the news sites are running the story with no photos as a one photo of her would kill their spin on this.

Maja Georgi, 28 - (who appears just slightly overweight in other web found photos) has vowed to go on a diet after she was harpooned by a diver as she swam in he sea off the coast in Budva, Montenegro - "I might need to lose a few pounds but I'm not exactly Moby Dick either".

This post meant as a general bulletin to our FPT First Responders so you know not to assemble our "Priders Helping Priders" crisis crew.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Chinese "Takeaway/Takeout" How to Plate Tutorial from New Zealand Reader

Our longtime friend from New Zealand has sent us his patented smooth move for getting your Chinese food out of the container and onto a plate - Kiwi style:

"From the FPT Antipodes Test Labs in New Zealand comes this meal tip for the many of you who enjoy partaking of Chinese takeaway meals. Like the rest of us you will have had trouble getting the meal from the container and onto your plate in a manner worthy of a connoisseur. New research means you will no more have to suffer the indignity of unceremoniously shoveling the evening's meal from its container and onto said plate"

Step 1. Observe your tasty meal from your favorite Chinese takeaway and brace yourself for step 2.

Step 2. Close the container and turn it upside down then open the bottom (now the lid).

Step 3. Place plate face-down over open container.

Step 4. Hold plate firmly to avoid spillage while you turn the whole thing over.

Step 5. The plate is now the right-way up. Brace yourself for step 6 as you remove the container.

Step 6. Observe perfectly-prepared meal that looks like it's straight out of a recipe book. Consume like a pro!

Thanks for your time.
In case you wondered, the meal above was sweet and sour fish.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fairlight Bakery Cookies - MMMM

Someobody on the FPT Team brought a few of these around and oh man these are the real deal. We are too full of pastry and egg nog at the moment to google the brandname "Fairlight Bakery" - but soon we will have more info on these EXCELLENT cookies!