Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New Reader From China!
We May Have Passed Their Filters.

The staff was studying our site traffic today and there it was, a webpage hit from China! I suppose this means we have passed their filters and can share our love of foodstuffs with the Chinese people, or it was their government looking at our site and adding it to the 'no view' filter. We will wait and see.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

First-Person Eater Video
The McMuffin

We got a sack of Mcmuffins from McDonald's this morning for the office crew and then decided to attempt a video in 'first person' style, like a 'first person shooter' video game. This video is supposed to look and feel like it is you macking on the sandwich. The staff here is divided on how it looks but we are gonna stream it and ask for your input. Simply click the link below to stream the video.

McMuffin First Person Eater
App. 30 seconds long - .mpg stream

Lost On Chicken Run & Onstar Issues
Free On-Demand Video

The FatPride Times is proud to debut our new "On-Demand Video" feature. Keeping with the Fat Pride philosophy, we would never think of charging any fees or ask for personal subscription information for this new offering. This video is of a member of our staff trying to locate a chicken joint we had never tried before. Simply click the link below to stream the video.

Lost On Chicken Run & Onstar Issues
App. 30 seconds long - .mpg stream

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The First Annual Pacific Northwest Symposium on Cheese at Lewis & Clark College in Oregon

There is a cheese club at Lewis & Clark College and yesterday they held their biggest gathering, the "Pacific Northwest Symposium on Cheese". Founded by sophomore student Brandon Wiebe, the club has held previous smaller cheese fests with over 100 people attending (free cheese). The Symposium was free and open to the public. This event offered more than just free tastes of international cheeses - they held "Cheese 101" which was a history/information lesson on the subject, this was folowed by "Cheese & The Liberal Arts" - a panel discussion of cheesemakers viewing the foodstuff from many intellectual perspectives. This was a truly tasteful event, and congatulations to Mr. Wiebe and his club officers on their success!

Albertson's Service Deli Chicken Tenders

The staff here had some chicken tenders from Albertsons Market for lunch yesterday and thought we would share the above photos with all of you. Nice product at a nice price (that bag has two more inside of it). The ones above are the spicy version, they also have a crispy one that is covered in crunchy batter. A dipping sauce is recommended for full enjoyment. The Bird, once again, is the word. Upon doing some product research for our new file on this foodstuff we found that Albertsons uses "irradiated meat". This can be both good and bad it seems - follow up post on this issue after more research.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Computer Now Tracks Children's Diet For Parents.....Who Is Next?

The FP Times has just been forwarded a shocking email that reveals software has been written that 'tracks' a child's foodstuffs received in school cafeterias. Primero Food Service Solutions, developed by Houston-based Cybersoft Technologies, sets up prepaid accounts and monitors what is chosen and if it is allowed. Big Brother is now tapping into what you put into your pie-hole. From AP: " A student slides a tray toward the cafeteria cash register with a healthy selection: a pint of milk, green beans, whipped sweet potatoes and chicken nuggets — baked, not fried. But then he adds a fudge brownie - When he punches in his code for the prepaid account his parents set up, a warning sounds: 'This student has a food restriction.' - Back goes the brownie as the cashier reminds him that his parents have declared all desserts off-limits". Most of you reading this can now look back fondly when we were children and chose chocolate milk and doritos for lunch.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Special Reader Submission: Sunday Special Farm Sandwich

Longtime reader DimebagRIP has contributed one of the most comprehensive recipes/manuls for preparing a meal. The work is very impressive. As he says: "I call it the farm sandwich cuz it has all the goodness of the farm: Cow, Chicken, and Pig. You will need 1 pound of bacon, cheese (whatever kind you prefer), Eggs & Bread. Please view the many photos below to see how it is constructed properly. Here is the recipe: first cook the bacon, the cook your eggs. The wife doesnt like the yellow runny but i do. If you want scrambeled that works too - to make the yellows not runny i flip them over. When the eggs are done, put your bacon on, the put the cheese on top. Then start toasting your bread, when the cheese is melted, take it all and put it on the bread. There ya go thats it!! I like to have chocolate milk too...it really hits the spot!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Biggest Post Ever Is Next - Giving Fair Warning

People, this post will not contain any images as the next post you see will have app.20 plus. The post and pictures have been submitted by a loyal reader, please be prepared for the show.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Amazing Ju-Ju Fish (poor man's swedish fish)

A member of our staff was on a foodstuffs mission at Albertson's and discovered these unique jelly-type candies. They are quite tasty and not bad for a knock-off of the original, the classic "Swedish Fish". So often we hear how important it is to include fish in your diet and this is a great way to accomplish just that.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Letter From The Editor

The Fat Pride Times support staff and myself would like to thank all for your loyal support. I would like to apologize for not posting any material in the past 15 days. The past fifteen days I have spent on an outrageous food bender. Being in a different location that usual, I found myself close to some great restaurants that had food to go. Generally I would order two meals and always ask for two forks so the employees dont know that I will be consuming everything myself. So basically I have been eating four meals a day and then making a trip to 7-11 for ice cream and other snack items. I would have taken a photo of my 'arena', however some things are best not shared.

I am recovering from this 15 day bender quickly and many more interesting posts from me, our staff, and our readers to follow again shortly.