Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wendy's New "Baconator" Burger
Our Reviews & Cost Analysis

One of our regular readers clued us in on a new offering from Wendy's called the 'Baconator' and as always we were eager to sample the foodstuff. On our visit we bought two items, the junior bacon cheeseburger at 99 cents and the Baconator at 4.29. As the comparison photos below show you - we are not too impressed with the so-called Baconator.

It has the same crappy paper thin bacon on it and as our reader related to us: "i've got the baconator in my hands,it pretty much pwned me. I'd say i'd rather have 4 bacon cheeseburgers @ 99c over this thing it was $4.68 after taxes."

The staff here is in full agreement with our reader and we will not be 'Baconating' again. However, we do still endorse the 99 cent version.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reader Tells Tale Of
New Black Burger King Bag

One of our readers sent the following image and story of his experience with the new black bags being used at Burger King. We are sending out a staff member this morning to Burger King to see what this is all about. The new bags appear to be some sort of heat-keeping device that keeps your foodstuffs warm - but we cannot confirm this as of yet.

Our reader tells us: "They are all black, and have a glossy finish. When i first was handed the bag, it was HOT. I was thrown off gaurd and even a bit concerned by the way the new packeging (sic) seemed to be radiating heat..... Well when i got home and stepped out of the car, the bag ripped. Luckily the breakfast sandwiches were still delicious."

Monday, July 16, 2007

Doritos Tortilla Chips: New Flavor Battle
& The X-13D Mystery Bag

The kind people over in marketing/development at Doritos have been working on a few unique promotions. First, there was a 'flavor-off' between two new chip offerings: 'Smokin' Cheddar Cheese Flavor' and 'White Cheddar Flavor'. This battle has concluded with 'Smokin' Cheddar Cheese Flavor' winning the rights to be an official new flavor for sale. What happens to the 'White Cheddar' we do not know.

Currently, Doritos is offering a flavor code named X-13D. They come packaged in a basic black and white bag with all the looks of a scientific experiment. Premise of this promotion is to have eaters email in suggestions for a final name for this chip.

Our staff has noticed a strong beefy taste, with perhaps some bbq or spicy sauce as well. Very unusual taste - we recommend you mack one down and throw a name in the bag.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

New Lays Stax
Just The Facts

The staff here at the FPT is currently evaluating a can/cannister of the new Lays Stax chips. They are similar to Pringles in that they come in a stack, but different in that the container is plastic. We found this can to be lacking in volume and with a big empty portion when actual chip stack is measured against the container - similar to Pringles. We will be macking on these today and deciding wether or not we will be making the switch from Pringles to Stax.

We found the label to be odd in that it talks about how these chips are the ultimate way to recharge.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

KFC Employee Training Tapes
Online Vintage Audio

"You are responsible for making QSC happen!"

The lovely and talented radio/television voiceover celebrity April Winchell has made available some truly great training tapes from Kentucky Fried Chicken dating back to the 1970's. The FPT staff highly recommends you visit her link below and give these a listen. Below is a list of the offerings and the link.

April Winchell KFC Multimedia

"QSC" (831.1 K) Quality, Service and Cleanliness. Special bonus: unbelievably bad acting

Bacteria (607.4 K) Larry and Gary chat about Salmonella

Cleaning the Lobby and Kitchen (545 K) Tom can't stop to talk, he's got to clean those walls

Cleaning the Windows (650.7 K) "Ammonia? That went out with Ivy League Pants!

Extra Crispy (438.9 K) The wonders of science

Good Service (908.3 K) Think of your employees as a football team, and you're the mascot with the giant head

Internal Audits (1.2 MB) I think Dennis is hot for Andy

Manager Bob's Pep Talk (737.1 K) I'd like to knock Manager Bob's teeth down his throat

Original Recipe History (692.9 K) It's all about that 11th ingredient
Suggestive Selling (993.3 K) "If he really looks hungry, suggest some hot, delicious corn!"

Taking Orders (773.3 K) Just remember to push the corn

The Talkin' Chicken (588.6 K) Charlene the chicken wishes she was good enough to be killed and battered

Using the Star System (1.3 MB) Mr. Davis and Tony talk about "orientation"

April Winchell KFC Multimedia

Sunday, July 01, 2007

McDonalds Chicken Snack Wraps
Please Add More Sauce!

The staff here at the FPT has been enjoying the 1.29 chicken snack wraps from McD's. They come crispy or grilled and with ranch or honey mustard dressing. The ongoing issue we have is that they do not give enough sauce and thus you have to have dressing on hand to get full flavor. Please help us to encourage them to change this for all to enjoy.