Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Indian Popcorn - From Popcorn, Indiana

Etathed, our Eastern embedded reporter, recently stumbled upon something both snackable and interesting: "Found this stuff at the store last time i was there. I am always skeptical of foodstuffs claiming to be "gourmet" but Popcorn Indiana Popcorn is indeed gourmet. The package explains this popcorn comes from an actual town in indiana called Popcorn! Justly so as this is probably the best popcorn i have ever tasted. The first bag i got was the smoked cheddar. An amazing flavor that seemed to be baked into the popcorn, not sprinkled on top like so many other flavored popcorns. The popcorn was extremely fresh and seemed as if it had just been popped. This popcorn is very bender friendly, eating a whole bag will be no problem for most priders. This is not to say that the portion is small, to the contrary, these bags are quite full. It is simply a testament to the deliciousness of the product. Handful after handful after handful, in the midst of it all, it seems so wrong to stop. When i did finally stop, once the bag was empty i was shocked to find a measly 2 un-popped kernels in the bag and none of those sharp little curvy kernel things that get caught in your teeth while munching. This product had what must be the closest thing ever to a 100% pop ratio. The only down side to Indiana Popcorn is the bag itself. While it is very smooth, similar to most kettle chip style bags, it is prone to splitting thus running a long tear down the side of the bag. Another negative factor for some may be the high price point. At over 3 dollars i wouldnt blame anyone for passing these by, but if you got an extra few bucks, I GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed. I just picked up a bag of the Buffalo Cheddar and the aged white cheddar flavors. I actually prefer Buffalo Chedder to the smoked cheddar i originally had. While i haven't yet tasted the white cheddar (my favorite of all popcorn flavors) i am sure it will be fantastic. If you like popcorn, do yourself a favor... seek this stuff out and dig in!"

Monday, June 22, 2009

IncrEdibles - Portable Push-Up Foodstuffs Served On A Stick

Skep, one of our loyal readers, contacted us over the weekend with information on something we have never ourselves and left us quite intrigued. IncrEdibles, are frozen foods on a stick that you microwave and then push what you need out of the top of the tubes they serve them in. The two main items are scrambled eggs and macaroni and cheese - however they offer 3 'flavors' of each. These debuted in 1999, 10 years ago, have they died out? Are they an East Coast only thing? Any info appreciated.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Killer Multi Meat Kabobs - Prepared by Barnabus - Oregon Coast Drifter Style

Our friend, the Oregon Coast Drifter, sent us some these pics of one of his latest personal creations. Excellent quality and presentation as we have come to expect from him. Barnabus tells us: "The chicken was teriyaki, the beef was t-bone and greek seasoned. The shrimps were med-large 16/lb count. The limes freakin rocked the whole show. During the last 10 minutes the kebabs(sic) were basted with melted butter and lime juice they were incredible."

Mystery Food Photo Submissions

Recently, while the entire staff of the FPT test kitchens was on our annual 'team-building' corporate retreat deep in the backwoods, we did get some unknown food photos sent to us. Photos above are unknown and we are asking for our readers help in leaving your comments as too what the foodstuffs are and whatever else you can share. The one photo appears to be an old structure - however we cannot verify this and it could be something edible.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prider Correspondants Meet & Eat at Las Vegas In 'N Out Burger!

Two of our regular reporters - Etathed & Blak2oof - were fortunate enough to have the chance to do a meet and greet in fabulous Las Vegas. Etathed had never been to an In 'N Out Burger so Blak2oof knew what to do. Above are some live mobi pics from their visit and soon we will have commentary from them on the burgers.