Monday, March 30, 2009

LIVE - Breaking Las Vegas Breakfast Plate Image from Reader Blak2oof

We are posting this photo from an I-HOP in Las Vegas from our mobile device embedded reporter Blak2oof. This plate when posted was only 2 minutes old.

Boston Market Meatloaf - The FPT Test Kitchen Review

If you want to get full from a frozen & microwaveable meal, then the Boston Market frozen grocery line is for you. We found these to be 95% as good as getting the meal from the actual Boston Market restaurant. We are featuring the 'Meatloaf' in the photos, but we have tried the others and all are good. Huge portions, great flavor and easy heat-ups make for an excellent frozen food experience. Something that is not easy to find.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Combos Snacks Debate - An FPT Roundtable Discussion & Vote

VIcodin I love those hollow pretzel pieces with cheese inside VIcodin what're they called VIcodin fergit etathedPoCo Combos etathedPoCo me too! VIcodin oh yea VIcodin tks etathedPoCo I eat them daily really VIcodin damn stores don't stock 'em etathedPoCo i have em in the snack machine VIcodin only party stores have 'em VIcodin yea VIcodin I want a 40 oz bag PXGuest my dog loves his combos VIcodin instead of these damn 8 oz bags etathedPoCo FP is Anti - combo etathedPoCo see VIcodin aw no, say it tain't so PXGuest they look like 'snausages' PXGuest j/s PXGuest you wanna roundtable it? PXGuest mafers? etathedPoCo FP i got new doritos PXGuest whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa VIcodin PXGuest ebay? VIcodin I gots to try those PXGuest this is a roundtable PXGuest cooll? PXGuest to be posted on the FPT PXGuest COMBOS DEBATE PXGuest STATE YOUR TAKE PXGuest i say no to the combos PXGuest even on sale PXGuest nobody wanna debate it etathedPoCo Im into Combos PXGuest gd PXGuest people etathedPoCo I like pepperoni pizza most PXGuest do you own a dog? etathedPoCo I eat them daily etathedPoCo While at work etathedPoCo No sir PXGuest the ones with pizza be nastiest VIcodin I'm a Combivore PXGuest cheese is edible PXGuest ohgd PXGuest its getting hot up in here PXGuest VI throwin bones etathedPoCo You know they come in cracker and pretzel etathedPoCo Both are good PXGuest i do not throw in with the pretzel crowd VIcodin I don't care for the cracker VIcodin teh pretzel rocks tho etathedPoCo i used eat the outer shells first... then the inncheese PXGuest i admit i did eat the combos i bought PXGuest even after i dissed em etathedPoCo well ssure VIcodin what's sad is...their BIG BAG is only 13 oz VIcodin sad sad sad etathedPoCo yes, thats a shame PXGuest i got a 2.2 pound milk carton of cheesy goldfish PXGuest by pepperidge farms etathedPoCo you ever try a bulk supplier? VIcodin gimme a 40 of malt liquor and a 40 of Combos etathedPoCo those are good PXGuest ok PXGuest so VIcodin goldfish...meh. PXGuest combos are voyed PXGuest voted PXGuest approved by the FPT crew PXGuest by a 2-1 vote etathedPoCo Different strokes for different folks though PXGuest ty for your participation etathedPoCo try em and see VIcodin yea boyeeeee PXGuest --- posting chat is over----

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Kentucky Bourbon Burger - From Carl's Jr. - The FPT Staff Review

While all of the staff here is familiar with burgers and bourbon, we called in a 'special teams' player to help us here. BoBandy eagerly agreed to try this new burger with us and use his extensive knowledge of liquors to judge this new offering from Carl's. This sampling occured around 10 AM, as BoBandy usually has a quart of Rye in his gut by noon. The Kentucky Bourbon Burger - From Carl's Jr is "smooth and with excellent tang" BoBandy tells us. However, we allready knew this. While we did this via video conference, the staff here allready had knocked back a couple of these burgers before the call. This burger is another solid, stand-alone offering from Carl's Jr. This and a large fries will satisfy the biggest of appetites. We are happy to fully endorse the consumption of the Kentucky Bourbon Burger, but we also endorse 'eating responsibly' as well. For those needing support with eating responsibly visit: "Welcome to a place where all Kentucky Bourbon Burger™ addicts can feel at home. Here you can find out more about your situation. Don’t be afraid. At our meeting place you can come to terms with – and be proud of – your obsession. We’re here to help, we’re here for you. Welcome friend, you’re not alone. OFFICIAL STATS: A Charbroiled, All-Beef Patty, Two Strips of Bacon, Pepperjack Cheese, Garlic-Pepper Onion Straws, Lettuce, Tomato Slices and Kentucky Bourbon Glaze

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Safeway Bagel Sausage Sandwich - An FPT Test Kitchen Staff Creation

When in need of a decent bagel, we recommend Safeway markets bakery. They have a nice variety, are always fresh and priced to eat at .69 cents or lower. Pictured above is one of our own creations - a jalapeno & cheddar Safeway bagel with cream cheese and four mini sausage patties. This can be done with sausage links as well. However, for best results we suggest slicing the round links in half, so they dont roll all around.

Yakisoba Noodle Bowl from Murachan

We noticed this new offering from Maruchan (who also is a well-known 'Ramen' maker) on the store shelf as it comes in a plastic dish as opposed to the common styrofoam cup. These are 'Yakisoba' noodles, long and tasty - very different than any type of Ramen noodles. These noodles microwave in 4 minutes and are quite tasty. We found them for as low as 99 cents - and the staff agrees that even $2.00 would be a fair price. We tried and endorse the teriyaki and roast chicken flavors, but there are a few other flavors a well. Look for these near the Ramen cups, but look for a stack of rectangular items.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mrs. Skep's Homemade Egg Muffins - Including Recipe & Pictures!

One of our favorite readers sent us the following recipe and pictures of her homemade 'Egg Muffins'. We are aware that the picture of the recipe cannot be read and have sent it to our graphics person for enlarging and re-posting ASAP. Skep tells us "I use about half of the meat (turkey sausage) and cheese (feta!) called for in the recipe and they turn out great for an easy on-the-go breakfast". We here at the FPT test kitchens could not agree more, however we also think this would be a great "eat them all" and take a long powernap item as well.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Crispy Burritos by Carl's Jr. - FPT Staff Review

Carl's Jr. ad campaign for these suggests that we need food in between meals - and we here at the FPT could not agree more. We sampled these new guys recently with the guacomole side (we know the guac at Carl's is excellent from our many experiences eating the Guac $6 dollar burger). "A crispy flour tortilla filled with seasoned ground beef, cheese and jalapenos - served with Carl's Jr. Taco Sauce", and as a bonus they are less than a dollar for each one. The staff here recommends them both as a snack and as a side dish to compliment other Carl's items.