Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheesy Enchilada Cheetos - Limited Time Offering - Bag Up ASAP

Again, Cheetos has hit high marks with another flavorful release they call "Cheesy Enchilada" style. These simple rock and/or roll. They are thick - not air puffs at all. Filling, tasty and they are correct: very cheesy. Team FPT found these on sale for 1.69 this week at Albertson's. Aaron - our temp clerk - voluntereed to run and pick up 10 more bags after our sampler - as they are a limited time offering. We think Aaron is really headed for bigger and better things here at the FPT with his easy going and can-do personality.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Fat Paddler - Big Man's Kayak Site

Searching around the internet we came across this most excellent site "The Fat Paddler". This website is a great time - and the Fat Paddler represents the "Big Like Berle" community very professionaly. So often when we come across a "Big" themed site it is half-assed done or just sloppy. The Fat Paddler, "Sean Smith - Australia" should be respected and commended for this great site.

Here is a little about the Fat Paddler - "Sean Smith – a big man with a Greenland paddle chasing weekly paddling adventures with an emphasis on fun. Whether in his sea kayak or canoe, you can be sure he’s out there somewhere splashing around and having a bloody good time."

Wether you kayak or not, you are big or small we encourage you to visit here. There are loads of photos, videos - fun and informative. CLICK HERE TO VISIT FATPADDLER.COM

Tim's Cascade Style Potato Chips - New "Johnny's Spice/Seasoning Salt" Flavor - Our Official Team FPT Review

Our team has been wanting to try Tim's brand chips for quite some time, so we were all excited when Don (our apps writer) wandered back last afternoon with not just a bag of Tim's - but a bold new flavor as well.

This bag is flavored with spices by "Johnny's Seasoning" - a seperate product on it's own (which we are unfamiliar with at this time). We found these chips to be thick cut crunchy (kinda kettle style) and of nice quality. The Johnny's spices provide a very unique flavor for these - which we liked, but having trouble describing. They were not "Hot" chips, and not even spicy - but VERY flavorful. Our group decision was to suggest if you can get these, definately do so. Tim's offers a wide-line of flavors and we plan on doing a demo on them all - one by one - in due time.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

3rd Degree Burn Doritos Back On Sale

Some of our regular reporters have verified sightings of the 3rd Degree Burn Doritos on sale again. We have verified spottings in Las Vegas and West Virginia. More news as it comes in from our TEAM FPT contributors - or if you have news please comment below or email us.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot Dog Beach BBQ - Oregon Coast Drifter MOBI Media Post

Regular contributor and good friend of the FPT, Mr. Barnabus of the Dunes, is doing a 4 week jaunt/camp around the Oregon coastal right now. As promised, we have some mobi media sent in from him. The above photo is on day 6 and the following info was included in his contact:

"I seem to have lost the orbs, at least for now. I am fire-pit roasting me up some big tasty dogs as you can see. My location is remote - however I have seen things that make me believe that Yancy's Watchtower is near."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Serenity Now

Another excellent reader submitted photo to share. We decided to call it "Serenity Now" as it calms the moodables.

7-11 Coffee Cup With A Cause

On a recent Team FPT junket, we all rolled into the 7-11 to re-up on our hot neverages. 7-11 which offers the BEST plastic coffee lid ever (it has a wheel that closes the open spot) - now offers a cup with a cause.

You have to pony up like an extra dime or something nominal but they give this to a children's charity and you regulars know we are down hard with the charitables activities. Another nice move by 7-11 stores.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ken's Steakhouse Honey Mustard Salad Dressing - As Good As It Gets

Ken's Salad Dressings - which offers a nice variety of flavors - has nailed the honey mustard recipe. This is as good as it can pssibly get. Not much else to say on this - "nuff said".

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Message To Starbucks Coffee: When One Order's "Black Coffee" - The Cup Should Be Full To The Top

This is a no-brainer here that has irritated the staff here for years. We like our coffee black and strong - thus we often choose Starbucks when we want the best black coffee. However, the majority of the time when we ask for "black coffee" (meaning we do not need room for cream), we are served a cup that is app. 80% full. If you do the math - that means every 5 coffees we buy, we are losing one whole cup. At 1.50 to 2.00 a cup, Team FPT does not like the results of this equation.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mobi Media: Asian Sensations Frozen Foods Delivery Truck On The Road

Johnny, our FPT team mechanic and cord-manager, was recently riding shotgun in a vehicle when an Asian Sensations big-rig truck rolled by him. We have posted before regarding their frozen asian foodstuffs (eggrolls etc)- search the archives for those. This is simply a look at their logoed big-rigs for the curiousables.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

LiteHouse Brand Honey Mustard Dressing: Worst Ever Tried

Team FPT picked up this larger size bottle of Honey Mustard dressing made by Litehouse as it seemed a great buy at 1.99 on sale. For us, a Honey Mustard should be sweet to counter the mustard spice - thats why they put the honey in it we do believe.

This dressing first off is unusual in texture - almost transparent. Then when you taste it - there is no flavor but a bitter nastiness. After letting the bottle sit in our Test Kitchen fridge for a few days, we poured this tuff down the drain. Nuff said.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Las Vegas Blak2oof's: Southern California Adventure Mobi Foods Journal

We are proud to present B2's mobi food journal to you:

First you have to start out your morning with a good breakfast. The Hampton Inn where we stayed offered a free breakfast from 8am to 10am every morning. There was always a mixture of cereals, fruits, yogurts, muffins, waffle maker, and other assorted hot items.

Here is a sampling of cheese omelet, maple smoked sausage and waffles. The food was ok, but the room was always very crowded. I would rather have a little room to navigate than be squeezed into a small area of hungry people. Next our travels take us to Laguna Beach to the Fishermans Restaurant on the pier. For lunch it is a nice cold Seirra Nevada Pale Ale and shrimp tacos.

Great dining right on the ocean. Tacos and beer where reasonably priced, and very tasty! I would suggest it to anyone who loves seafood. After a day of beach combing, we ended up at Balboa Beach and Perry's Pizza for a slice and jug of beer. I guess the place has been there for a long time. Nice peice of pie, and one tasty beer!

Next day was our trip to Disneyland and California Adventure. After a breakfast at the hotel (see first photo) we ventured on the the happiest place on earth. A lot of food themes in the park, but only had one meal while inside the park.

One very large corn dog!!

We took break from Disneyland and found a local place called Hof's Hut. I do not believe there is a relation to David Hasselhof. Had a great Sam Adams beer battered fish and chips. Also, when we where leaving we spotted this desert. A chocolate brownie made to look like a burger and cinnamon sticks made to look like fries.

Later that night with a full blown case of the munchies, we took a ride down to the nearest hole in the wall taco shop in Buena Park. Picked up some great chicken and steak tacos for $1.50 each!

Last day in town, one more breakfast at the hotel,(see earlier picture). After a few hours of beach combing we decided to get a our last meal before we hit the road. Found a great place called Mutt Lynch's. This place has a big burly dude out front carding people who want to enter....keeps the riff raff out. Once inside you sit at a wooden picnic style table complete with everyone carving their name into the tables. First we started out with a "white trash lemonade" which consists of Pabst Blue Ribbon over ice with lemons. Next came the Marvin Lee Aday burger. For those who don't know Marvin is also known as "Meatloaf" This is a meatloaf burger wrapped in bacon on a onion roll. I will be going back to Mutt Lynch's every time I make it to the beach, great food, great beer, great surroundings.

Last but now least, on the way home, we stop in Barstow for a Oreo Shake at Bob's Big Boy. Nice way to cool off in the heat of the high desert!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Edible Auction For Charity: 2 VIP Tickets plus an "Eat & Greet" with the Zac Brown Band in Mansfield, MA

As our regular readers know we are big on charitable acts - not just big like Berle. One of our "mountain friends" from the hill arenas stumbled upon this auction and sent the info over to us. As of this posting, there is still 13 days and 33 minutes left to bid on this most interesting item. We are not familiar with this band - but an "Eat & Greet" event is something we must bring attention to. This clever twist on the old saying "Meet & Greet" is truly innovative and we need to respect their authority.

Here are the stats:
The proceeds for this item benefit Urban Farming
Terms: Include 2 VIP tickets to the Mansfield, MA show on August 14, 2010 with a back stage Eat & Greet. Winners get to hang out with the whole band for an hour before the show AND enjoy a fantastic plate of Southern Ground Grub cooked and prepared right there by Zac and Chef Rusty featuring Zac’s signature Brown Sauce, Spice Rub and other recipes. Winner also receive an autographed photo of the band.
Donated by: Zac Brown Band
Click Here For More Info & Bidding