Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where's FP?
Can You Spot Him In This Photo?

Our Editor is in the picture above, taken at a food court in a local mall. Please use the comments button to stake your take. Winner gets some food coupons.

Skep is the winner and will be contacted for the coupon prize!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fried Jalapenos
FPT Foodstuff of The Month

Everyone here loves the stuffed and fried jalapenos. Cheddar or sour cream is up for debate as well as the establishment serving them. Management has arranged for a third neutral non-binding arbitration party to meet with all of us to come to some sort of agreement to disagree on the cheddar/sour cream debate. Please share your take below foos.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chicago Bears NFL Player
Jail Time Food Fest

Our correspondant from Las Vegas recently sent us info regarding an NFL player who was doing a 60 day sentence and his snack purchases while incarcerated. Word on the street is that in addition to the 3 squares on the metal tray he also macked down:

Beef sticks 162
Honey buns 40
Summer sausage 35
Chips 35
Coffee 22
Fruit punch 10
Tuna fish 10
Jalapeno cheese spread 9
Tortillas 9
Refried beans 6
Cookies 6
Reese's cups 5
Lemonade 5
Swiss rolls 4
Dill pickles 3
Sugar 3
Cream 3
Oatmeal sandwiches 3
Bag of Jolly Ranchers 2
Butterfingers 2
Peanut butter bars 2
Cupcakes 1

While other forums are debating this as a socio-economic issue, we ate the FPT Times admire the man's healthy appetite and choose not to judge him.