Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Heinz Top-This TV Challenge
Home Made Commercial Contest
2nd Round Due To Popularity

The good people at Heinz has so much interest in their 'Top This TV Challenge' make your own Heinz catsup commercial that they have opened up round two. They are calling out for video submissions with the winner receiving 57,000 and a spot on national television!

This second round began accepting videos on December 14th and runs thru March 14th. We expect this to be a fierce battle and we will be submitting an entry from the FPT Test Kitchens. Heinz judges will pick 10 finalists and then the public will decide the winner by voting via the website linked below. This website also has much more info and videos from the first round to watch.

Heinz Top This TV Challenge Take Two

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Twice As Much Ketchup Packets - Heinz Understands Our Needs!

When our intern Randy came back the other day with burgers and fries for the staff from a local Mom & Pop burger barn he had something in the feedbags that really was a big hit with us here. Heinz now offers a 'Twice As Much' ketchup packet.

As we all know, those standard old ones were hardly even worth the effort of tearing each one open. We do not expect these to become the standard free packets at other burger places as they must cost the restauranteur perhaps twice as much as the standards. The place we got them from makes homemade style burgers and fries and it costs about 6.00 to get a decent burger and big sack of homemade fries.

Respect to Heinz for a truly innovative and useful new condiment packet portion. The packet you see above measures 4.25" x 1.33" in size and has 0.635 oz(18g) of product.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The McDonald's Rap From

Pumpkin Egg Nog Photo
Thanks To Unknown Reader

As the calendar year comes to an end, the staff here always tries to do a 'winter clean-up', where we go thru not just our foodstuffs but also our files. Jacob, who has been on level 3 of our test kitchens for over a year found this picture sent anonymously from a reader. The maker is 'HOOD' dairies and we wish we had some to sample.

Hopefully this will help you remember to get some nog on your next visit to the grocery store.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

NEW - Poppin' Jalapeno Doritos
Guest Review By Ethadad

I like a jalapeno in just about any form.......fried slices, jalapeno poppers with cheddar or cream cheese, or as a topping on some super nachos, and today I can add Poppin Jalapeno flavored Doritos to that list.

Don't know how long these have been on the shelves, but i saw them today for the first time and had to give them a try. Though they contain some artificial flavor, they have a very real jalepeno flavor. These do not come across as "hot," like the Fiery Habenero flavor. In fact the lack of overpowering heat lets the flavor of the jalapeno come through, and it works. These would go really well in a Doritos Collision Bag paired up with something like a cool ranch flavor, or maybe even the original nacho cheesier. I highly suggest trying these, if you haven't already.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Michelina's Budget Gourmet Meatloaf
Interesting Ingredient Found

On a recent shopping trip our acquisitions staff came back with one item that immediately started up a debate with the staff. The item is Michelina's Budget Gourmet Meatloaf, which was on sale for 1.00 per box. The sub-name Budget Gourmet is a high standards oxymoron to live up to and so we heated this up right off the top.

We found the meatloaf to be acceptable for the price and would be great to have 10 of these in your garage freezer for unexpected benders.

The most interesting thing about this foodstuff is the ingredients listing, which is very long. The main ingredient is water - interesting, but not as interesting as the last ingredient of FISH(anchovies). This is now the second time we have found fish in items that one would never expect (see some flavors of Pringles).

If someone know what is the real deal on this please comment below.