Saturday, October 06, 2012

Fresh and Easy Belgium waffle mix

We have great readers here at the Fat Pride Times. One loyal follower sent in a product to our test kitchen for review.

This time around it is Belgium Waffle mix from a store only located in the southwest United States called Fresh & Easy. Fresh & Easy prides itself in offering fresh foods, low prices and speedy check out ( they don't have checkers, self check out only). We have mixes emotions on self check out. It can be convenient, but also it is talking away a job from someone who could use it

Anyways, back to the waffles. We fired up the waffle iron and went to work. This was a special batch of waffles using chocolate chips (chips are optional)
The mix is really easy to make, all it takes is milk and butter.
Waffles came out to perfection, nice and crispy with plenty of syrup holding pockets.


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I love making waffles and eating them!

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