Monday, May 30, 2005

Warning: Cantaloupe Smells Bad After A Day

As I mentioned before I have begun to eat fruit. I started with a cantaloupe which I cut into two halves and macked down on. I left one half sitting on the counter kind of behind my box of Crispix so it was out of view. Sweet Jesus - the smell that little rind put off was enough to put you off your meal. Remember, when eating melons to get that rind outside in the trash as soon as possible. Seriously, the smell was just nasty.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Fish Oil Tablets....I have heard things...Have You?

I have been recommended by a friend to take Fish Oil tablets, Im asking for people's takes on this please

Las Vegas Makes Mammoth Sized Cake!

FORT PAYNE, Alabama (AP) -- Move over, Fort Payne. It looks like Las Vegas has taken the cake.

After 15 years of being known as the city that created the world's largest birthday cake, this Alabama town may have to forfeit the title.

Las Vegas created its own giant cake last weekend in celebration of the city's 100th birthday. The cake, assembled by 600 volunteers, weighed 130,000 pounds and measured 102 feet long, 52 feet wide and 20 inches high.

Organizers said they expected Guinness Book of Records officials to confirm the Sin City confection as the world's largest within weeks.

Fort Payne has held the title since 1989, when it created a 128,238-pound cake in the shape of Alabama to commemorate the city's 100th birthday.

Fruit is Good - Bacon is Better

I am just coming off a huge egg, cheese and bacon sandwich and im stuffed up pretty good for now. That fruit is not very filling. I will continue to eat some fruit everyday, however it will simply be a side activity from my real meals.

Cantaloupe is Fruit

Today I am eating fruit to help lower my cholesterol

Friday, May 27, 2005

Sweet Tomatoes Buffet

Holy Moses, it was 95 here today so I decided to hit the Sweet Tomatoes Buffet. It is mostly salads and soups. They do have cookies and ice cream too. I brought 2 newspapers and settled in for a 2 hour mack-off. Seated across from me was another big guy, we came in about the same time. I looked over at him, we locked eyes, and nuff said, it was on. The battle royale. He gave after about 90 minutes and gave me a nod on his way out. For those not of the largess, this buffet competition is quite common. Its an unspoken battle, I have won my share but lost a few. Dont go up against a Samoan, those guys can bring it. I lost a buffet battle at a chinese buffet place against one. I have much respect for his abilities.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


I visited the doctor over my hiatus from the blog and got my blood test results back. Not too bad, but my overall cholesterol level is slightly high. Doc suggested eating fruit, whole grains and oatmeal. Jesus Christ - this is going to be abig change for me and I need your support. Tonight I macked on a Teriyaki Chicken Bowl and a big-ass salad.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Stomach Hurts

I have been down since Sunday with an annoying stomach ache. I dont know why. I have been eating well. I should be back in action tomorrow, as it is 'Sale' day at the markets.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Safeway: Clean Your Filthy Carts

I ventured down to Safeway for a few extra things for tonight. Cheese Bagels, BBQ Chicken Thin Deli Slices, Diet Cokes, Salad Bar, Cheetos, and a cake. However, there was an incident. First one must know that they have the bottle and can return machines inside at the back of the store. So what happens is people get a plastic shopping cart then take it to their car and unload all of there filthy beverage containers into them. You can see the moldy old soda dripping off and down the cart. Plus these are a majority of beer containers. God only knows what happened where that beer can was before. Think about it. The end result is us food shoppers reach for a cart and its all nasty like a dumpster. Not just one, but every one I look over. I found the general manager and let him know that this was just filthy, he apologized and said a crew was coming tonight to clean them. While I wanted to explain the simple reason they get so nasty, I just let Mr. Safeway Man go along his way. Apparently, for that time he had come out of the office and was filling in as a bagperson. Whatever, the carts are still unusable. It's not easy carrying all my stuff in those little Goldilocks baskets. Something has to givbe here. I may call the Corporate Office.

Report From Argentina

Our Argentinian food consultant Franchi has allready reported in with some info regarding bbq's in his country. "Asado is the Argentinean barbeque. It is a gathering of friends, usually is held at late afternoon or evening, either at the courtyard of a home, or at the countryside". Included is another great 'Asado' photo:

Argentina Style

I have a friend who lives in Argentine, Franchi is his name. I am negotiating with him to do a weekly food report from Argentina with info on all the kickin meals they prepare there. More info to follow. Below is a picture he showed me that he knew I would think is fantastic.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Five Bagger Wednesday

Starting today to help document my food consumption and purchases I will be posting "The Grocery Bag Pic" for every bag I purchase of foodstuffs. Yesterday was sale day - thus I racked up 5 bags via 2 markets.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Pollo Asado - The Song

I must pay tribute to a great eating song by Ween called: Pollo Asado
Let me start of with a basket of chips Then move on to the pollo asado taco I would like two pollo asado tacos with one beef chimichanga On the chimichanga, I would like a side of sour cream I would like tomatoes and onions on my quesodilla For dessert I would like the flares -- I would like extra cinnamon Do you make guacamole? Yes, I do make guacamole. Uh, I would like a side of guacamole on my Tostitos I like to dip the Tostitos in the guacamole Can I get a basket, I told you about a basket of chipsI would like a large iced-tea, 2, uh, 2 large iced-teas

Wednesday Is For Shopping

I do not know how they do it where you all is from, but here on Tuesdays all the supermarkets run their ads in the daily paper. However, the sales do not start until today. It used to get me confused and riled up when I would go on Tuesday night and remember that the ads did not begin until the next day. Now I have it down straight. I have a plan of moves involving 2 local stores and a large quantity of foodstuffs. I will be sharing these items here the next couple of days as I bunker down for a couple good solid days of eating.

Anyone Can Now Post Comments

I have taken off the code that only allowed members to post comments - now it is wide open and free. Just click on COMMENT below and youre in.

Call For Chicken Recipes

Please anyone who has an outstanding recipe for chicken post it with the comment link below. I can easily name 50 ways to prepare/serve chicken off the top of my head, but I need more. Any style is desired: cold or hot, baked or fried, etc....

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rain, Eating & Powernapping

Today it rained all day long, so I ate all day long. Didnt feel like going to the store so I rummaged around the kitchen and found all kinds of stuff to mack. I also Powernapped today heavily - I inagine I have been awake about 6 hours of the day. More to come....

Monday, May 16, 2005

Teriyaki Bowls

My sister called, found out I was sick and brought me two large teriyaki chicken and rice bowls. I have eaten them and will now Powernap. 7 pounds of chicken and rice in my belly - oh yeah!

Feed A Cold

Thats how the saying goes so I have polished of this box of Crispix cereal which is real damn good. Im going to make me a beef and swiss bagel sandwich now - I recommend these easy to make and tasty if you get a good bagel. The bagel makes it or breaks it. I am microwaving popcorn ahead of time so that the butter congeals for extra flavor later. After these foodstuffs are gone, I will enter a Powernap and emerge early evening. Best to hit the markets after 6 pm when the traffic is down.

Monday Morning

Well, I have come down with a cold and/or allergy symptoms last night and still have them today. I am quaffing Orange Juice currently. I have a new box of Crispix, which I am going to eat then go back down to sleep. I will return after I feel somewhat better. Remember to eat hearty and live large.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Winding Down The Week

Today was a lost day, I basically just ate and slept. I did just hit Albertsons for some grub though. I got a bag of chocolate chips fro 99 cents some Diet Cokes, a Freschetta Pizza, 6 candy bars and some Orange Juice. Check in later.


Well, I finally have managed to get off the floor and back onto the food table. Last night was just a monster of a meal. The Cobb salad was the best part. Currently, I am having a Diet Coke and working off the Cheetos because my fingers are allready orange from last night. Check this out - I passed out with a Twix bar in my pocket and must have slept on my side. I found it just now and its all flat, was melted, but has recobgealed into this tasty flat bar - its rather good.

5:01 AM

I have awoken, apparently I passed out reading the Sports page on the floor again. The last thing I remmeber is eating Cheetos. My fingers are bright orange from the cheese dust on them. I am going to quaff some diet coke and a couple of chocoloate-coconut bars and try to get some more sleep. Last nights buffet was one for the ages.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

I have had a meal

Sweet Jesus - I have truly overgorged tonight. I cannot comment right now as I must lie down. It may be just a Powernap. If not, I will debrief everyone on the dinner tomorrow morning.

Tonight's Menu

Well, Im going a little bit different tonight starting with a pre-made Cobb Salad and Honey Rolls. I will them move on to a whole chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. I have acquired a large bag of ice so I can quaff my remaining Diet Pepsi. As I mentioned before, they are horrid unless truly cold. I also acquired some Cheetos, a large wedge of Cheddar and some stuffed Jalapenos. I am going to begin the buffet in a bit will check back in with how it tastes periodically.

Powernap (explained)

I have just awoken from one of my daily Powernap's. Sometimes I take more than one, depending on my food consumption. A Powernap is a nap that is a minimum of two hours long and as long as 5 or 6 hours. I gorged early today macking on much pastry and donuts and then a beef bagel sandwich. I dont recall falling asleep, but I awoke three hours later on the floor wrapped up in my USA Today and various food wrappings. I am now going to journey out into the world of food and come back with some good stuff for tonight.

Fantastic Discoveries

OK.....this is good. If you microwave the super butter popcorn and let it sit all night....the butter congeals on the popcorn and it tastes buttery goodness. Try this will not regret it.

Instant Coffee

After discovering I forgot to buy some coffee at Safeway last night, I had to use the back-up instant Folger's crystals. Not Good. I headed to the Maxi-Mart and got a Caramel White Chocolate Mocha and some of these raspberry filled donuts. Very Good.

The Morning After

Sweet Jesus, the last thing I remember is macking on Rice Krispie Treats. I woke up with a piece of chicken stuck to my leg at 6am and scrambled for the restroom. I was gonna go back down but I have this blueberry loaf that is awesome when you spread soft butter on it (like frosting). So I am currently macking that down with some coffee.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Dinner Buffet

I am currently macking over the dinner buffet I chose from Safeway. The Asiagio cheese bagel with roast beef and cream cheese is the real deal. The Diet Cokes are going fast as I quaff this whole bird I got. On sale for 5.99, couldnt pass that up. The Microwave popcorn I got is called Blast-o-Butter, yet it tastes like regular butter flavor so I am a little pissed off about that.

Diet Pepsi is Lame, Except Over Ice

I have discovered the only way to quaff on Diet Pepsi if is it its cold. When it warms, even just a lil, it tastes really nassy (FYI)

Putting Me Off My Meal

I will no longer watch Hecko's video links before a meal. It will really put you off your food. Nuff said.

You Can Reply Please

If you all sumbitches click on that comment link deal you can reply on this here newsletter deal. Hope to get some good food info and such.

Back From Safeway

Yeah Buddy. I got my mack on at the store. Got a whole bird, tub of coleslaw, 24 pack diet colas, crispix, 6 candy bars, 20 pack of rice krispie treats and much more. Had me a sample of some nasty tarragon pasta salad, dont do that. All in all it was a good adventure. I think I will medicate now and begin the buffet.

Going to Safeway

Well, I have got an empty fridge and cupboard. I am headng to Safeway and gonna jam me up a cart something fierce. Whole birds, bagels, diet beverages and more. I will return to share my experiences in this forum. Today I have discussed fruit and its many uses and the Deal-A-Meal cards by Richard Simmons.