Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The One True Bagel - Tasty Bagel Works
Claremont, California

Pictured above is what the Fat Pride Times considers to be the perfect bagel. This jalapeno and cheese bagel came from Tasty Bagel Works in Claremont, California. This place makes them them just perfect. Lightly crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Why people make bagels any other way is not rational. No one on the staff here has found a bagel maker to match Tasty Bagel Works - they stand alone.


Masticating Mustelidae said...

Einstein does a pretty good job here. My favorite is their Spinach Florentine bagel, and it's only a buck!

Masticating Mustelidae said...

By the way, buster, one Chinese guy does not make this an international think tank. It takes at least two Chinese guys, and one Australian, OK?

Well, I take that back. I forgot about all the illegal immigrants. Sonofabitch. OK, I want some authentic Mexican food, and maybe some real Pad Thai recipes. I don't what you goddamn Philipinos make, but give us a recipe for Christ's sake.

I'm hungry.

FP said...

Actually, The FP Times is truly an international think tank. If you look back you will see that we have had contributors (not just visitors) from: Canada, Argentina, United Kingdom(2), New Zealand, Greece and the USA. I know we tend to slant towards US food discussions, but I will gladly post anything someome will send in (recipes - pictures and text or whatever as long as it is related to foodstuffs. Our numbers grow strong.