Monday, June 19, 2006

Let's Keep Them
Holes Clean People

Once again, The FatPride Times is here to remind you that if you are a true lover of the foodstuffs - you must respect your foodholes. Pretty basic stuff here. Use the tools shown above, at the very least, and let's keep it clean and real people.


Doc Socker said...

I use a product called Colon Blow on Saturday afternoons. Really helps keep me hole flowing fine.

Anonymous said...

I like to rip farts in the ozarks and I personally prefer cleansing my hole with a high pressure nozzle attached to a garden hose, shoot the dingles right out of the darkness.

Buford Humphreez

Mr. Grey said...

Care should be taken to indicate CLEARLY which TOOL is to be used for which HOLE. Pain at a minimum and death at worst could result from confusion about what to put where. I expect a higher level of quality from my blogs. You, sir, are an esophagus.

Sasquatch said...

Me holes are nasty. Thanks for inspiring me to deal with them.