Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dish Of The Week:
Jamaican Jerk(ed) Chicken

Pictured above is our featured chicken dish of the week: Jamaican Jerk(ed) Chicken. This wonderfully jerk spiced chicken is best prepared in a pot and will come out with some sauce surrounding your pueces of chicken meat. Generally it is served spicy hot with jalapeno or habanero peppers in the sauce. "Allspice" the Jamaican pepper is the standard spice used for flavor then there are variations of other spices added as well. We have also heard rumors that there is now a pre-made spicing kit to make this dish now available. We have assigned one member of The Fat Pride Times staff to investigate this specifically and should have more info soon. Please no comments that the picture looks nasty - it is certainly not.


Dr. Doolittle said...

I honor your judgement and am sure this dish is tasty, however one cannot help but say it looks truly nasty.

Gruesome Twosome said...

FP, do endorse these http://www.dreyers.com/brand/fruitbars/flavorlisting.asp?b=135

Mr. Grey said...

(snicker) (snort) (chortle) OH GAWD, THAT'S DISGUSTING!!! Jerked, indeed!