Sunday, November 02, 2008

From The Eastern U.S.: Etathed Reviews Hardee's New Little Thick Burgers

Since our FPT test kitchens are located on the west coast of the USA, we asked one of our regular contributors to try out Hardee's new "Little Thick Burgers". Don't let the name fool you - these 'little' burgers are 1/4 pounders. His report: I ordered the 1/4 little thick burger as it comes, no extra fixins or anything like that. I wanted to test this burger in its original form, (minus tomato mind you, as i never touch those things). This is indeed a quality fast food burger. In comparison to other fast food 1/4 lb offerings this burger seemed to be much thicker than the rest on the market. I think this is what sets this burger apart, its true to its name, this is a THICK burger. It also had a very good flavor that i can only described as "Just Grilled." I believe this burger costs $1.99 and i would say it is worth it. But more important, 2 are well worth $3.98.


BoBandy said...

That picture by Etathed looks extra cheesy. Extra cheesy is a good thing.

Leslie - BBW said...

I love these burgs. They are way more better than something from a 99cent value menu. You cannot get a real burg IMO for 99cents.