Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fast Food Frenzy - LIVE - From Our Las Vegas Correspondant Blak2oof

Our Las Vegas correspondant went out today on a fast food feeding run and we are posting his pics LIVE as they happen.


Negative Nancy said...

Did you change your mind on Arby's then go to see Jack?

Light Spliff said...

I recommend 'Fast Food Nation.' The practices of the meat industry are absolutely abominable.

FPT Test Kitchen Staff said...

We have that book here at the FPT test kitchens.

It is a truly stinky load.

Just some whiner, picking on an industry -- the writer could have picked any business to smackdown.

We only recommend the first few chapters that chronicle the history of early fast food.

Paranoid Pietro said...

2 words- straw cam

No Hydrog Oils said...

They feed the chickens newspapers and doo doo, not to mention dead horse carcass and maggot mincemeat.