Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Osacr Mayer Versus Ball Park Franks... in Court

This week Kraft Foods the makers of Oscar Mayer hot dogs and Sara Lee the makers of Ball Park Franks begin a wiener sword fight in federal court over advertising allegations.

A big one to us here at the FPT is the usage of the term 100% beef. Kraft advertises that they have 100% Beef Franks....Sara Lee is disputing that claim. Sara Lee also claims that in taste tests, their product wasn't prepared or served properly.

Let us know how you feel and what your favorite hot dog is!!


etathed said...

Well out of these two I go with Ball Park. However, i recently attended a PGA event and had a nathan's hot dog and it was absolutely delicious.

I prefer onion, chili and mustard on my dogs.

Dress up said...

But the cake has baked and sweet aroma stuffy you can resist but I'm not where I had to try it.

Segunda Mão said...

New blog in the area


^barnabat^ said...

Hebrew National does damn fine work.