Thursday, January 05, 2012

FPT reader EtatheD Visits Whistler, British Columbia

Last April I was lucky enough to visit Whistler, British Columbia. That's in Canada if you are not familiar. And though i will soon get to the food review, you cant talk about whistler without giving props to the best skiing and snowboarding in north America.

The resort is made up of two mountain next to one another. Whistler and Blackcomb. Each peak has over 5000 feet of vertical drop and thousands upon thousands of acres.

This is a picture of Whistler mountain taken from the top of backcomb mountain:

And here is a picture of Blackcomb taken from Whistler:

Now onto the food… It is just as good as the riding!!! The Keg is a nice restaurant with a bar on the bottom floor, perfect for watching hockey and slamming some cold beers. The upstairs is a very nice casual fancy restaurant with top notch steaks and seafoods. Located in the village at the base of the mountains anyone who is visiting the area should check this place out!

I'll let the pictures do the talking. Everything was delicious.
The spot: THE KEG

The appetizer : Scallops & Bacon Bacon-wrapped scallops with a zesty martini cocktail sauce:

The Main Course: A Filet with a Crab Cake. Side of garlic mashed potatoes:

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FP said...

That looks like a epic trip to the mountains. Thanks for the pictures!