Saturday, March 03, 2012

Lindt Excellence Chili Pepper Dark Chocolate Bar

Here at the Fat Pride Times, we love when two food items can be matched together to create one excellent food, like peanut butter and chocolate, or sour cream and onions.

When we heard that there was a dark chocolate bar infused with a chili pepper, our whole crew just had to try it.

The taste start out with the dark, slightly bitter taste of the dark chocolate. Once you have chewed and swallowed the chocolate, the fun begins. The back of you tongue gets a little warm from the heat of the pepper. Not too much, but just right.

We recommend this chocolate bar to lovers of peppers and chocolate. Though we have heard this treat may be hard to found, keep a eye out, you may just find it.


etathed said...

Not for me. I like peppers and i like chocolate, but putting them together. No sir.

Dixya said...

I love it :) and glad there are ppl who enjoys it just as much as I do