Saturday, June 09, 2012

Chicago Dogs in Las Vegas

One of our readers from Las Vegas sent in these pictures of a new hot dog joint in town.

Chicago Dogs offer up a variety of Chicago treats. This time our reader got the original Chicago dog. Topped with great ingredients like mustard, relish, sport peppers, pickle, tomato, celery salt. All on a Vienna Beef sausage inside a poppy seed bun.


etathed said...

GD i love me some hot dog joints. Not a fan of this dog, but it looks damn proper.

I usually go with the standard Chili on top of mustard on top of onions. and some sort of dog with cheese and jalapenos or something.

We used to have a dog joint in these parts. They had a burrito made of chili, cheese, onions and 3 hot dogs. It was called the Three Dog Night. It was pretty dope.

Fat Bastardo said...


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