Monday, October 17, 2005

More Info on Ted's SteakHouse From Reader

The Fat Pride Times has gotten lucky and had a reader send in some more info on this unique restaurant. While we have never been there, it appears this restaurant is very popular, offers souviner items and now has 3 locations! Hopefully this reader will keep sending me more info. The team here is not finding much new via the search engines. Here is a sample of the menu we found on

10 oz. porterhouse steak

6 oz., 7 oz. or 8 oz. steak grilled with mushrooms and onions, served with a baked potato wrapped in tinfoil

gorgonzola and garlic salad

ice cream that we keep in the freezer just like you do at home

chunky rodeo chicken kids meal

the ted - captain morgans (or myers) rum and coke with a cherry

the bell - vodka and orange juice

the ted jr. - a glass of 7up

the theodora - a cream soda

french fries


a basket of rolls with butter and a butter knife (for mom).

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