Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Everybody Loves Waffles - Right?

A reader sent us the excellent waffle themed images you see above. Everyone loves a good waffle. In fact, there are two days of the year set aside for them: International Waffle Day on March 25th and National (U.S.) Waffle Day on August 24th.

Here is some waffle history from

13th Century A.C. - Ancient Greeks cook flat cakes between two metal plates. These early waffles were called obleios and were primarily savory in nature, prepared with cheeses and herbs.

1620 - The pilgrims bring Dutch "wafles" to America.

1735 - The word "waffle" - with two "f"s - appears in English print for the first time.

Late 1800's - Thomas Jefferson returns to the U.S. from France with a long handled, patterned waffle iron.

1869 - Cornelius Swarthout patents the first U.S. Waffle Iron.

1953 - Frank Dorsa's Eggo Frozen Waffles are sold in Supermarkets for the first time.

1964-65 - Brussels restaurateur Maurice Vermersch brings his wife's Brussels Waffle recipe to the World's Fair in New York. The fluffy yeast-infused waffle becomes a huge hit and becomes known as the Belgium waffle.


Anonymous said...

I forgot the Alamo again.

Austin Amarka said...

180 Americans against 5000

179 went over that line that day

Anonymous said...

But I LOVE waffles. All I want to know is this... did they serve waffles at the Alamo? I know you can rent a car, but they do breafast, too? Mmmmm, Belgium waffles, with maple syrup...

Ferrets Anonymous