Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The 'Nun Bun' Has Been Stolen - You Bastards!

The infamous pastry that resembles Mother Theresa has been thieved. Please help the FPT and the authorities find and return this priceless pastry. More info from wkrn.com: "Nine years after a muffin came out of the oven with an uncanny resemblance to Mother Teresa, that Nun Bun has been stolen. The Nun Bun heist has put a sad face on the person who first discovered it.
It was ineffable, it was inedible, but now it's gone. Early Christmas morning, an evil grinch pried the door off the Bongo Java cafe and got away with the cinnamon bun.
Before it was stolen, anyone who came into the cafe could see the bun. It sat on a shelf below the cash register. A large cup fill with change and a piggy bank sitting next to the roll were not taken. The roll, which was hard as a rock, had been there a while.
Ryan Finney, discovered the Nun Bun. When he first saw Mother Teresa in the bun, it made big news. Was it a miracle? Who knows? But Finney, who is not Catholic, has been watching over the roll ever since.
Bongo Java's owner Bob Bernstein, dubbed the bun, the Mother Teresa Cinnamon Bun and had T-shirts made up. Soon thereafter, he got a letter from Calcutta from Mother Teresa. The famous missionary didn't want her image or her name used for a commercial purpose. Bernstein decided then to call it the Immaculate Confection. Mother Teresa didn't like that either, so it became the Nun Bun.
According to Bernstein, Mother Teresa discussed the T-shirts bearing her likeness on her deathbed. Her lawyer asked her what she wanted to do about the Nun Bun. Mother Teresa laughed and pointed to her successor, Sister M Nirmala, and said, "find a roll that looks like her."
The Nun Bun Heist has brought the pastry some national publicity, once again. The story appeared on the front page of the Tennessean on Monday, and was covered by ABC and CNN as well.


Anonymous said...

THIS BUN scared the hell out of us. I doubt anybody will steal it. Resembles a young Humpty Dumpty.

horsie said...

Mother Theresa never looked better! (It looks nothing like her!)

Stoatchoker said...

She looks very deliscious, but I bet no one has even eaten Mother Teresa. Then again, I could be wrong.