Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Hibachi House Microwave Chicken & Rice Bowls

On a recent group shopping trip we found this unique frozen/microwavable item. Hibachi House offers a variety of styles of LARGE portions of white rice and chicken breast strips. The staff chose to sample the General Tsao's Chicken but there are 2/3others as well. Normally this sort of item would not even be considered for review as they are generally overpriced and bland. Hibachi House has broken the mold - this is true restaurant quality meal - and the portion is huge covering one dinner plate in a colossal mound. Price is fair running around 5.00 on sale and 6.50 normal.

Yes, we know there is no picture of the actual food above but staff got busy on this and then there was nothing left to photo. Will get another soon and post.


etathed said...

I've heard about these Hibachi House meals. The fact that The Times has called this a "restaraunt quality meal" from a microwavable product is very intriguing. I am actually making a trip to the store today and may pick one of these up, if on sale.

Shitty Bill said...

I get these all the time and heat up in my sleeper rig. They will put you to sleep if you eat a whole one.

Anonymous said...

the top posts are also mangled in vista ie. logged.

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