Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pringles Goes Premium New Pringles Select Brand - Sold In A Bag Not A Can

Pringles is now offering an upscale gourmet version of their 'potato crisps' called 'Pringles Select' and comes in a variety of flavors. We tried the parmesan garlic flavor here at the FPT test kitchens and indeed found them to be pretty tasty. They are still not called 'chips' (legally they cannot call them chips as they are made from a dough) but have much more body than regular offering of canned/tubed Pringles.

Keep in mind the price of these are also upscale. They seem to run around 3.00 on average per bag, which we had issues with as to how full it actually was in relation to its size.

Other flavors of this new offering are: Sun Dried Tomato, Szechuan Barbecue, Cinnamon Sweet Potato, Parmesan Garlic & Honey Chipotle Barbecue.

FYI: The picture above is of a 'pringles select', we just had a can near us when we took the photo and it made a good stand.

The odd thing our thinktank decided was that these are not called anything individually - like a chip or a crisp, leaving us to think they are called 'selects' when speaking of an individual one.


Tom Sawyer said...

Hell, I reviewed pringles select for FPT back in October.

FPT STAFF said...

We will be investigating this conondrum first thing at the FPT test kitchens roundtable.

etathed said...

Original pringles makes a delicious Salt and Vinager crisp. In fact i will choose them over any other salt and vinager chip. These selects look decent, though i am oftn put off by snack foods trying to go premium. I would try these though, on the bases of the parmesean garlic flavor.

On a side not, Cheez-its makes a great Garlic Parmesian snack cracker, though they are tough to find.

etathed said...

I picked up a bag of these selects today. Here are my 2 cents. They are a great flavor, and seem to be more bender friendly than the canned crisps, as they are easily removed from the bag and placed into the mouth. Somtimes the can can be a bit awkward, in my opinion. However, my selects are MUCH MUCH smaller than the ones pictured. The ones i got are about the size of half dollars. There are no selects that are even close to the size of the ones pictured, this size is another reason i find them to be more bender friendly. Thumbs up on these.

TomSawyer said...

I just had Pringles Select "Jalapeno Ranch" and i have to say they were the best of the three i have tried: cinnamon sweet potato, parmesian garlic and now this one. A jalapeno bite with a hint of ranch undertone.

They're a little bland too, just like the other selects i've tried. Sort of a bland stale aftertaste, like a lot of pringles products. A by-product of the chip manufacturing process they use, i suppose.