Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Doritos Mystery "Quest" Flavor Bag CAUTION FLAVOR REVEALED BELOW

Our staff got their hands on the new Doritos mystery flavor called 'Quest'. Comes in a black colored bag with fire and 'hulk' green lettering. Before we reveal the flavor, we must report that we were not impressed with these chips. On a scale of 1-10 our staff gives these a 6 rating.

The flavor is lime - with a hint of something else which we think is cilantro.

According to the bag, guessing the flavor is just the beginning and you can go on some sort of adventures on their website. Weot had time to check that out but when we do a report will be posted.


etathed said...

These chips are horrible. I through out 3/4 of the bag. These are the worst doritos i have ever tasted. I even think the FPT rating of a 6 is highly inflated. These are a 3 in my book. I found NOTHING appealing about this appalling atempt.

Chris Norton said...

I wouldn't say they are 'horrible'.

Not bad.

Shitty Bill said...

I heard that they were 'Limon' flavor.

Anonymous said...

That is exatcly what I was told today by a dorito vender that it was some sort of limon. And I love them, I coul eat a whole bag