Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Doritos Quest Flavor Guess Was Incorrect The Quest Website Is Snack Fun!

OK, well just after our so-so review on the new Doritos 'Quest' chips our IT staff wandered on to the website to what all the hype was about. They immedialtely sent out an organization wide email encouraging us all to see this thing for ourselves.

This website, and this whole Chip Quest deal is actually pretty entertaining and the production values on the webpage are outstanding. They do help you guess the true flavor and you will be suprised - very suprised when you hit it correct. Knowing the flavor seems to somehow make the chips taste better in some weird fat pride way.

Get on over and see this:


Negative Nancy said...

I have tried multiple times to log-in and it wont take. I am frustrated now. FYI

etathed said...

I won't support these horrible tasting chips by visiting that website.

Positive Peter said...

Etathed - Let it go brother. Dont be so hostile.