Friday, July 25, 2008

Reader Sends Us Food Pics From Visit To The United Kingdom

Wow. Some great photos from one of our regular readers to share.

Bottom picture: "Authentic UK breakfast - I even ate the black hockey puck-lookin pudding"

Above picture: "best meal of the trip, got this in London, just off Picadilly Circus"


Neutral Neddy said...

What the hell is so united about it. yeah that was a question?

Shitty Bill said...

I not know. I not know.
But they aite with me.

keyword kenneth said...

do they have taco bell, mcdonalds, mickey's beer with the puzzle under the cap, and all of that over there yonder?

etathed said...

International Foodstuffs for the win!

I was in europe once, the bacon blew me away. It was thick and barely cooked, and delicious!