Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Arby's Sourdough Melts - FPT Staff Review

Always trying to match the competition, Arby's is now doing sourdough melt sandwiches. They are at a nice introductory price of 2 for 3.00 at this time. We sent over a staffer to grab some on the way back from picking up our new business cards. They come in a bag marked "Rescue Brigade". We still do not know what that means. Inside we found both roast beef and ham sandwiches to sample. We found them pretty basic as expected - meat, cheese and bun style. The horsey sauce spiced them up they were decent. Our final conclusion is that we are on the fence on these - the 2 for 3.00 deal is sweet but if we had to pay 2.99 each we might move on down the road.


etathed said...

I love Arby's. In fact, the very first arby's was in the town i grew up in. Now onto these sammiches... I have had these in the past, however the deal then was 2 for 4 bucks. This new price point is very enticing and i would deffinatly pick up a bag, roast beef for me please.

I just wish they could toast these or something, if they could get that sourdough bread a little warmand crispy, as apposed to warm and soft, these would be top notch.

Clancy - Wisconsin said...

Etathed nailed it.
The bread is not toasty - it is warm and kinda greasy on these.
A nice toasting would make these way to the more better.

Negative Nancy said...

I thought the bird was the word.

paranoid pietro said...

There are saint bernards policing our neighborhoods with bags of these fastened to their collars, right next to the brandy barrel. Not sure if this is a viral ad campaign, I will keep you advised of my findings concerning this matter.