Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oregon Shrimp Bender Platter

During one of the recent 'lost weekends' in the FPT test kitchens recently, we purchased a few pounds of nice mid-size Oregon shrimp for grazing. These shrimp came from Safeway and were at a nice price and they came cooked and de-veined. They can be used in many, many ways - pictured above is the simple honey mustard & black pepper paper plate serving.


Barnabus (of the sea) said...

sir, your post has sparked some research on my part-

I am now wondering the habitat of these oregon shrimps and the methods of harvest. Also pondering if they have "colossal" sizes. I have only used previously frozen shrimps in the past, fresh would be grand, and wild caught fresh would be outstanding.

etathed said...

I like shrimps with fettucini alfredo. PReferably with crab meat and scallops too.