Friday, March 13, 2009

Mrs. Skep's Homemade Egg Muffins - Including Recipe & Pictures!

One of our favorite readers sent us the following recipe and pictures of her homemade 'Egg Muffins'. We are aware that the picture of the recipe cannot be read and have sent it to our graphics person for enlarging and re-posting ASAP. Skep tells us "I use about half of the meat (turkey sausage) and cheese (feta!) called for in the recipe and they turn out great for an easy on-the-go breakfast". We here at the FPT test kitchens could not agree more, however we also think this would be a great "eat them all" and take a long powernap item as well.


Cory & Trevor said...

I have always been interested in Skep's muffins.

etathed said...

Wow, a unique dish indeed! I had never had nor heard of something like this! Sounds pretty good to me.