Monday, March 30, 2009

LIVE - Breaking Las Vegas Breakfast Plate Image from Reader Blak2oof

We are posting this photo from an I-HOP in Las Vegas from our mobile device embedded reporter Blak2oof. This plate when posted was only 2 minutes old.


Paranoid Pietro said...

The yolks look like eyes. Eyes that are staring me down.

etathed said...

Wow, god bless technology. We live in an amazing time to have such instantaneous food reports from out in the world.

And that, is what i call putting the technology to great use. A beaut of a plate there.

Neutral Neddy said...

the eggs are done perfecty for SSI(sunny side up). a *hot* skillet is the key, and no lid naturally. rest looks so so, i could take it or leave it.