Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pumpkin Pie Apple Soup A Thanksgiving Alternative

Just in time for Thanksgiving, a creative twist on a very traditional day. This recipe is from a friend and fellow lover of food and food stuffs Mike E. in the great city of Missoula, Montana.
We asked Mike if he would give us some background on the Pumpkin Apple Pie soup, and was gracious enough to send us back a great response.

Basically what happened was I really don't like the whole thanksgiving deal...turkey and stuffing don't do much for me. And since I'm a cook, my family expects me to make food for the party. So I decided to bacon up thanksgiving. I made bacon cornbread stuffing, pumpkin pie apple soup, and bacon brittle candy. The soup is honestly one of the best soups I've ever made, and everybody loved it. I cooked off a pound of bacon until just rendered (not crispy), sauteed an onion and a green apple with the bacon in the fat, added some chicken stock, a can of pumpkin pie mix, and blended it all up with my stick blender. I added a bit of heavy cream after it was blended, then served it with a drizzle of cream on top for garnish. It was the first soup that I ever blended bacon into (I usually cook the bacon, then set it aside and add the crispy bacon back in to the soup at the end). It was pumpkin-y, and certainly tasted like thanksgiving, but it was a whole new way to taste thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure I'm expected to make it again this year. It was awesome!!

We want to thank Mike for his contribution and check back for more food ideas from Mike. Also, please follow Mike at his blog Confessions of a Line Cook

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Holiday Harry said...

Nice looking soup. I am going to make a batch for the family this year