Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NEW Queso Jalapeno Ruffles 99 Cent Bag

The FPT received this photo of new bag of snack pack bag of chips. This photo comes to us from somewhere deep in the Arizona desert where there seems to be two languages spoken. Sources here cannot completely confirm the alternative language but we imagine it means good.


etathed said...

Wow ruffles is stepping up their game. Much like Cheetos of last year ruffles are rolling out new flavor after new flavor, I have had the chicken wing chips, and the chili cheese chips and both were really good. I imagine these will be tasty as well, hopefully someone can grab a sack and write up a review.

Anonymous said...

Pat here in the Arizona desert:
Just picked up a bag of these in the local convenience store on a whim.
I'd describe the taste chip by chip as mild cheese, with a definite jalapeno taste that is easily identifiable. HOWEVER, the spice from the pepper is only very mild, much less so than the molten hot wings chips. The spice builds briefly, then hits its crescendo and descends quite quickly. Eating the chips one after another in quick succession maintains a nice spice and the cheese flavor kicks in with some chips having more intense flavor. This is compounded by the simultaneous eating of multiple chips. Let's face it, is there any other way?

I'm a fan. 4/5 stars.