Friday, March 04, 2011

Motor City Chili Downtown Henderson Nevada

Our mobi reporter from Las Vegas has sent us a picture of some chili dogs from the new Motor City Chili in Henderson, Nevada. Motor City Chili is authentic Detroit. All of the food is imported from the Motor City....the sausages, chili, soda, chips, everything! Very small menu selection....but you don't come to Motor City Chili for a veggie way!! Get the dog with extra chili, onions and mustard, and wash it down with a Faygo soda, direct from Detroit!


Liz said...

Woah. That actually looks amazing.

God I'm hungry. xD

etathed said...

GD that looks righteous! Those some kind of potato wedges in that bowl?

etathted said...

gd just realized those are onion rings. On a side note this picture influenced me to purchase and make chili dogs.