Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chelsea Chowder House on the Queen Mary in Long Beach California

The Fat Pride Times is back!! Sorry to our loyal readers but the staff was given a mandatory vacation for everyone to spend time with their families and clear their heads. With heads cleared and bellies empty, our crew is back and ready to bring you food news you can use.

We make a epic comeback with a great seafood meal from Chelsea Chowder House aboard the awesome Queen Mary Ocean Liner in the Long Beach Harbor. The Queen Mary sailed the seas for over 30 years and sailed its last voyage on October 31st 1967 to Long Beach where it has sat ever since. There are many reports of this ship being haunted....we will tell that story at another time.

First up is the Firecracker Shrimp appetizer. 5 large shrimps served with a coleslaw and a tangy cocktail sauce. Good for a starter, nice big shrimps.

Now for the entrees....The Drunken New Orleans Shrimp.....Jumbo shrimp cooked a in dark beer Cajun sauce. These where awesome!! The Mac and Cheese side, with the garlic mash was the hat trick.

On the other side of table, we have a steamed lobster kettle with red bliss potatoes, corn, Andouille Sausage, and Chelsea's special seasoning. Another home run with this dish if you enjoy lobster at its finest.

We suggest if you are in Southern California that you visit the Queen Mary. Take a tour of the ship, come in for a drink or a bite and enjoy yourself!


etathed said...

GD the FPT IS BACK!!!!! USA!

That shrimp patter with mac and chees and garlic mashed looks amazing. I was in the long beach area last summer, unfortunately due to time restraints i couldn't visit the queen mary. Looks cool though.

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twelvevoltkolibri said...

I'm going to Chelsea's tonight on a date. I was making a reservation for Winston's but clicked in the wrong places and ended up with a reservation at Chelsea's for 7pm. which is cool either way, and a bit cheaper. can't wait. Therefore, thanks for the review. brief, but pretty informative. there isn't too much 3rd party info on this place online.

...Anonymous^ , this is a restaurant review. stop polluting their comment log.