Thursday, August 11, 2005

Healthy Choice Brand Frozen Product Problems

A reader has sent along a photo of a Healthy Choice frozen dinner that was bought and found to be rancid. In the photo it is still wrapped as the smell was quite pungent. This box was dated best if used by July 27 2006. I have also experienced some nasty Healthy Choice frozen meals, and then pondered why they were on sale for such a low price at that time. Once I purchased a "Budget Gourmet" frozen meal and when I peeled off the lid there was a coupon printed upon it that had expired over a year ago from the date I purchased it. Like the Healthy Choice meal, it was on sale for a very low price. Somethings not right here people.

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Stroker Ace said...

The only frozen food worth a shit is ice cream and pizza. Everything else is sketchy business and should be approached with caution. Local Mexicans will be able to find Jesus in most items.