Friday, August 19, 2005

Low-Carb 6 Dollar Burger - Ok Now I Get It

Sampling foodstuffs and reporting back upon them is one of the many things the staff here at the FPT headquarters do. However, we are on a limited budget (please see: visit our sponsors links post) and when we often use a two-fer coupon when avauilable to stretch our funds. Last night, we came into possesion of a 2 for the price of 1 coupon for "The Low-Carb 6 Dollar Burger" from Carl's Jr. restaurants. Of course, the 6 dollar burgers actually cost between 4.19 and 4.99 as the name is just a marketing gimmick. Knowing that this premium line of burgers uses only Angus beef we did not think deeply about what we were ordering. What makes this burger low-carb? Well, it does not have a bun. It comes wrapped in huge lettuce leaves, huge as in you could take them off and make a small salad with them. Upon arriving in our food-testing arena we contemplated how to eat them. With the first one, we grabbed two slices of bread, peeled off some layers of the lettuce wrap and went traditional style and it was very tasty. The second one wrapped in foil for later consumption. After awhile we went back for the second one and decided to just mack it with the lettuce wrap. The burger was cold by then and actually was better than the first. So in conclusion, the FatPride Times does endorse this burger, however the proper way to eat these is after they are cold. When they are cold, the parts stay together better and having a lettuce bun doesnt seem so odd after all.

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