Friday, January 13, 2006

We Have A Winner For The Arby's Coupons!

The reader 'PhunkyPherret' came the closest with this answer: This is a sculpture of a milkman and his truck, made out of solidified milk and cottage cheese. Maybe some mozzarella. It could be asiago, but I'm pretty sure the secondary cheese is mozzarella. It was commissioned by Creamland Dairies for the 2004 "Milk Does A Body Good" campaign. It expires next month.

The actual correct answer is: Keeping with the nostalgic theme of this year's event, Jim Victor of Conshohocken turned 1,000 pounds of butter into a sculpture depicting an old-fashioned milk delivery wagon and two men unloading a modern milk-vending machine. Butter sculptures, an artistic way of highlighting the state's national role in butter production, usually are made from 800 pounds of butter donated by the Land O'Lakes plant in South Middletown Twp. This year's sculpture, displayed in a glass-encased cooler in the Maclay Street entrance to the complex, required more butter because of its size, Victor said.

PhunkyPherret please contact us for your coupons!

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