Saturday, January 14, 2006

Please keep your food
holes clean people

In conjuction with some health deal we are running a public service announcement here on The Fat Pride Times.

Food basically involves two holes in your body. It is of the upmost importance for an individual to jeep these holes clean. For your mouth - basic hygeine is a minimum. Please use a dental rinse and floss regularly. As for your buttocks, please people keep this arena clean. Use enough toilet paper and as some readers have told us before they shower after every bowel movement to keep it really real.

Please continue to enjoy the world of food, but let us work harder in keeping hygiene a top priority.


Steve Bosell said...

I try the hardest to handle these personal issues, yet I have been humiliated time and time again. Not all incidents were my fault and lawsuits are underway.

adfjkaj said...

Hi Fat Pride person,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Normally it's a blog about Greece.

But, lately I've been so preoccupied about this poem person (Decaying corpse of Marcus Tal) writing a poem about Phil Hendrie.

But, please come back and visit again when my normal topics return to the fold.

I listen to Phil Hendrie every day over the internet here in Greece. I've got to be the only one here in Greece who likes him.

Now, for some more Cheese and butter.