Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The First Annual Pacific Northwest Symposium on Cheese at Lewis & Clark College in Oregon

There is a cheese club at Lewis & Clark College and yesterday they held their biggest gathering, the "Pacific Northwest Symposium on Cheese". Founded by sophomore student Brandon Wiebe, the club has held previous smaller cheese fests with over 100 people attending (free cheese). The Symposium was free and open to the public. This event offered more than just free tastes of international cheeses - they held "Cheese 101" which was a history/information lesson on the subject, this was folowed by "Cheese & The Liberal Arts" - a panel discussion of cheesemakers viewing the foodstuff from many intellectual perspectives. This was a truly tasteful event, and congatulations to Mr. Wiebe and his club officers on their success!


adfjkaj said...

Well, I suppose everyone is waiting for my favorite expression, right?

Well, I think I'll let this post speak for itself!

The Swede said...

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