Monday, February 20, 2006

Special Reader Submission: Sunday Special Farm Sandwich

Longtime reader DimebagRIP has contributed one of the most comprehensive recipes/manuls for preparing a meal. The work is very impressive. As he says: "I call it the farm sandwich cuz it has all the goodness of the farm: Cow, Chicken, and Pig. You will need 1 pound of bacon, cheese (whatever kind you prefer), Eggs & Bread. Please view the many photos below to see how it is constructed properly. Here is the recipe: first cook the bacon, the cook your eggs. The wife doesnt like the yellow runny but i do. If you want scrambeled that works too - to make the yellows not runny i flip them over. When the eggs are done, put your bacon on, the put the cheese on top. Then start toasting your bread, when the cheese is melted, take it all and put it on the bread. There ya go thats it!! I like to have chocolate milk really hits the spot!!


FP said...

Possibly the best submission ever from a reader. Possibly.

FP said...

There is some cheese for Scruffy American - he will be pleased.

adfjkaj said...

Cheese, hmmmm...

You know what my favorite thing is for breakfast though?

Take a jelly donut, and suck all the jelly out of it first.

Then stuff Reese's Peanut butter cups where the jelly was.

Now that's yummy!

FP said... me (editor) at this address please:

adfjkaj said...

I will if that blue thing behind my left ear lets me.