Thursday, February 23, 2006

First-Person Eater Video
The McMuffin

We got a sack of Mcmuffins from McDonald's this morning for the office crew and then decided to attempt a video in 'first person' style, like a 'first person shooter' video game. This video is supposed to look and feel like it is you macking on the sandwich. The staff here is divided on how it looks but we are gonna stream it and ask for your input. Simply click the link below to stream the video.

McMuffin First Person Eater
App. 30 seconds long - .mpg stream


privatedancer said...

I hear the Dr. Laura show playing on this video and McDonald's quits serving breakfast at 10:30 am. Dr. Laura doesnt start until noon. You ate that thing old and cold? Please advise.

Scruffy Dickman said...

I luv Dokor Lor. won tim PHil let me be Dokor Lor and hava my show. She say I my Kid Mom, but now say I my kid Air Force. Huh ha.