Friday, April 28, 2006

Zip-Loc Fresh Express
Salad Bags

The staff here has written up a consumer warning release regarding Fresh Express pre-washed salad bags with the zip-loc strip. When opening this lettuce bag, move slowly - if you just rip it across the air will spooge out and the results are a loud sound very similar to someone passing gas. Embarassing with company around.


Anonymous said...

the bigger problem is that the bag will tear before the zip seal opens, ruining the whole gd thing.

FP said...

Yes - that is also a big issue. The Fat Pride Times is officially not-endorsing this brand.

Scruffy's Back said...


I knew this day would come, but I thought it would be when he died or something. I still have over 5 years of shows I haven't heard and it would take me about 15 years to listen to them at my current rate of listening only when I jog, but still I just am not ready for this.

April 27, 2006

Hendrie Retires From Radio To Pursue Acting Career

Phil Hendrie has decided to retire from radio and pursue his acting career on a full-time basis. The last live broadcast of the syndicated “Phil Hendrie Show” will be June 23. Hendrie currently appears on the NBC television sitcom, “Teachers.”

Hendrie stated, “I have taken my show as far as I can in the present climate of terrestrial radio. I’ve been doing these characters for 16 years, and believe it’s time for me to take them from behind the microphone and present them in front of the camera.”

Kraig Kitchin, president/COO Premiere Radio Networks said, “In a radio world that often sounds like the voices and conversations are all the same, Phil Hendrie has distinguished himself by using the most unique talent to create satire, comedy magic and characters we will all miss. I wish him well in his television and screen pursuits. He wins my vote for a Radio Hall-of-Famer.”

SVP Comedy Programming, NBC Universal Television Studio Shelley McCrory stated, “While this is a huge loss for radio, it’s a big win for television. We’re thrilled with the work Phil’s doing on our comedy series ‘Teachers,’ and look forward to a long future with him.”

Anonymous said...

scruffy, did he retire in a bag of salad? I do not get hte connection.

Scruffy and blue thing said...

Without Phil Hendrie, Fat Pride does not exist.

That is the connection.

Boo Hoo!!

Ben Dover said...

Welcome back Scruffy!

Fat Pride is much bigger than Hendrie's radio show. It is an International Thinktank Concerned With The Purchase, Preperation and Consumption of Foodstuffs.