Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Night Frozen Pizza Issues

After a hard day's work here at The Fat Pride Times, the staff here decided to cook-off this frozen Albertson's BBQ Chicken Pizza. Problem is we spaced out for a few minutes and it appears overcooked. We are not sure if we should eat it - please compare to the picture from the box and comment below regarding edibility opinions. Top picture is from the box - pix below it are what ours ended up like.


Sandra in Sactown said...

I did not need to see that. You sir, are an ass.

Anonymous said...

We will send a car for you in the morning. This must not go un-addressed, perhaps some re-education is in order.

Maxwell Power, President IPHPF
(Institute for the Proper Handling and Preparation of Foodstuffs.)

horsie said...

Extra Crispy(tm)!

Cabbage Lover said...

Such a pizza as pictured in your column can be salvaged with some effort. I hope to God you didn't do something rash like throw it away.