Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Open Casting Call:
Fat Pride Television

We were recently contacted by an associate from Bunim/Murray Productions (Starting Over, Real World) in Los Angeles regarding an open casting call for those of the regalia. Below is some information regarding this in more detail: Are you a BIG person? Are you PROUD of who you are? Are you TIRED of the American obsession with weight? Care to show the world how you feel in a fun location for five days? Bunim-Murray Productions, the company that brought you shows like The Real World, & The Simple Life, is producing a new tv show. We are looking for energetic and fun people who are comfortable with their weight and have personalities that would be great for TV! For more information, contact Adam at(818)613-2076 or contact us about the show via email to:asaltzberg@bunim-murray.com
Casting for this exciting show is happening RIGHT NOW, so contact us ASAP - Applicants must be of legal age (18+) and within driving distance from Los Angeles, California to apply.


TJ Maximus said...

Will there be punch and pie? I heard thangs.

Miss Possibly said...

I am possibly interested in this, but I need to know if I will be require nudity.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

I am worried about the foundation of the building that they will be holding this casting call in.

Anonymous said...

There won't be any nudity!

SoCalBurritoBro said...

Is this going to have a humorous angle to it?

Is it gonna be like a sideshow...look at the fatties...eww?

I am interested if its done in proper taste and with respect to my authority.